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March 28, 2012


Karin  Canazzi

It looks pretty good but I think the wine glasses look a little off. Maybe something with a shorter stem would look less "elegant".


Candles!!! Even if it is daytime, they set a warmth. I'm no expert but I think it looks amazing.


This looks super nice! Maybe you feel the balance might be off? The place settings way out did the centerpiece so maybe dont bother with a center piece next time and let the place setting be the focus. Or go for a bigger, more colorful center piece that ties in with the color of the place settings. Just picky thoughts. I think your set up looks good!

Sandra Sutherland

I'll help with the wine glasses next time I see you - which might be soon. :D I think darker placemats might set off the settings a little more. Otherwise, you know that I always think everything you do is perfect!


it looks really inviting. all that's missing are the people :-)
just change it up every time so it is fun for you to do...like doing a new piece of art.
have fun with it.
and show us what you come up with!


it looks lovely. i'm in spring mode, so I would add some green branches from the forest, on the table or in smaller vases at the sides of the bouquet. :-)


it looks great! What comes to my mind is to have your artwork printed on the napkins... that would spice it up and celebrate your gift!

Sherry Williamson

I bet you could make the CUTEST wine tags for wine glasses. Ohh, with some of that air dry clay... I love Renee's idea about putting your artwork on napkins too. For the record, I think it looks lovely as it is...


Water glasses to remind your guests to pace themselves! :)

April Cole

The table looks great!
The colors on the table work great together, the flowers are nice touch... let me think... soy sauce?! :]
Little dipp'in sauce bowls for each guest...
Yes, the water glasses is a good call too, I agree.


Oohhh Aahhhh! It looks divine! I think you did a fantastic job and it didn't need a darn thing. Sounds like a wonderful evening to me. One more thing...

How do I weasel my way into this group? :)


I think it looks very inviting!! However wouldn't a piece of unbleached cotton with your artwork painted on it look wonderful? I'm thinking something similar to the beautiful stair case you did! A long runner down the middle of the table...yes I think so!! I'm sure your company had an amazing time!!

Hugs Giggles

mollie's mom

looks wonderful and inviting. love a guy who can stir fry! and it's nice seeing snippets of your new home :)

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