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March 01, 2012


Amber Jacobs

I'm not in any galleries, that's a future goal though! I think you would have no problem getting into one! You are well established and a very talented artist! :)

A Facebook User

Will you be selling her? I'm in love!! <3


Here's a link to a gallery, promoting artists of the Pacific Northwest: http://www.marylouzeekgallery.com/about-mlz/. I think your unique style of art is something she might like to feature.


I've truly been enjoying the process peeks you've been sharing with us on these latest paintings. Love the results!


Wow! You are on fire!!! I can't believe how much work you have done is such a short time. I love your paintings...such talent and inspiration! Love you, girl! xoxo


She truly is a spring girl, the colors, the sheer happiness in the painting makes me think of spring and warmer days :-)


Yes, love the gallery idea totally! Go for it!


Hi Michelle,

You've not been in any galleries? Really? YES!!! Give it a try. I'm sure you'd be a success. Love your bright colors, whimsical paintings.

I can definitely see your time is Alaska makes it into your art. (Thanks for visiting my blog, by the way.)



You've been a busy painting! I am really loving your last few painting. So fun and energetic and the color palette is wonderful!!

April Cole

Spring is in the air, she is wonderful! :]
What can I personally share with you about galleries... they are just like people.
No two are alike, and depending on your style (which yours is great), is where your artwork will end up.
Makes sense, right?
I would beat myself up, when I was younger, thinking I wasn't good enough, or that others didn't get my "style"... never true!!
Best thing to do, is take the time to observe the gallery itself;
see if there is a theme, common interest, or style, that fits yours as well, then approach the owner. :]
Happy Friday ((hugs))


i enjoy seeing the layers in process. that is so very interesting and surprising.

Amanda Kuykendall

With all those cameras, you need some of the fabric I saw at Hobby Lobby today- it is cotton, and has cameras all over it!

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