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February 28, 2012


Jennie Siebold



It´s very interesting to see your development, how much more free you are in your art now, how much more experimental. I admire that and wish for it on my own behalf.
What is she holding? I can´t tell. Maybe it´s a dog , half dead from thirst because he was locked in the family car on a hot, sunny day while the owner was out shopping and she saved him, and is now bringing him to where there is water?
Or something completely different...

Jessica Jane Lynch

love, love, love! everything about it!


im loving it and the colors:O) and just read the article on Pinterest and Im glad Im not to addicted and thinking I might delete it soon. thanks for sharing


It really reminded me of this Russian village famous for its toys (http://dymkovskaya-igrushka.ru/?q=node/3011). I'm not sure if you are going to find any resemblance, but it just popped into my head when I saw this painting. :)
And also it's killing me that I cannot find this other painting. I saw it once at the Guggenheim. I think it was early Chagall and the painting was so colorful, and much less abstract than his later ones..
Anyway.. As soon as I find it I'll forward!

Amber Jacobs

I love this painting! :) She makes me think of a Patron Saint of animals.
I read the article on Pinterest too. I actually had a lot of reservations about signing up, something about it didn't feel right to me, but you know all the cool kids were doing it. ;) I have since deleted my board, wasn't a big deal, I didn't hang out there much anyway, but the article did put into perspective artist rights and copyright issues!

Thanks for sharing! :)

Marcia Beckett

very cool! I love it :)


I absolutely love seeing your personal art develop through your paintings! This makes me think of Chagall, Reno, magical realism - and it is so very YOU! Inspiring!

Reylan | Labor Posters

Very impressive just like a Mayan Art Work.


love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love,
you're awesome!


It is great to see your freedom to express. To be honest there is something about it that really pushes my comfort level. I do LOVE your techniques and wish I had more of the doodling bug in my art making.

How is your new house and separate studio treating you?!


Hi Michelle, Thanks for the link to the blog with the Pinterest article. I went in and deleted a bunch of my boards. Love your work!

Shelly Massey

I saw this when you posted it, and my gut reaction was that I loved it. I'm peeking again today, and yep, still love it. But I'm sure you know that probably the most important thing is whether or not YOU love it. :) See ya soon!

April Cole

You are a super star... love the painting!! ((hugs))


How did you feel about the article? It certainly gives a lot of food of thought. I've been in love with Pinterest from the start but lately I'm having a lot of reservations. I could try and tell myself that it's not any different from Tumblr but I don't think Tumblr hosts fullsize pics on their server or claims any sort of "rights". As an artist whose work gets pinned a lot, how do you feel?


I came across your blog because I found a link to a picture of your painted staircase on another blog. I must say I LOVE your artwork! Thanks for sharing!

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