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January 04, 2012


Amy Peters

Ok...I'll buddy up with you on Lose it. I need to get that going again. I've been BAD this year and it's showing!


Let's try to schedule a semi-regular creating time? Make up some artsy challenges to share?
(big cheesy grin)

kristine cheeseman

I'm in and thanks for the invite! Now that I'm taking something for my low thyroid and have my asthma under control I can breath again; I've been working out half hour a day it's a start I'm very proud of:-). Miss ya, k. Cheese


Yeah! I'm going to do the Portland Marathon in October...my first time was in 1999. It's a great route!


How cool with the pencil cups! I´m guessing there are more designs in the coming? Looking forward to seeing them all, so I can upgrade my workspace :-) You can´t drink from them, can you? Cause that would truly be great, to have Michelle drinking cups/(glasses) There are so many boring and conservative styles out there. We need a little fun madness in the kitchen cupboards!!
And I so totally agree with Reenie. Make some creative challenges, and share, and we all make our own versions and share on our blogs. That sounds pretty fun!
Anyway. Hope 2012 will bring lots of quality time for you, be in business-time, creative time, running-time and family-time. Where-ever you are, be there fully.

Jennie Siebold

I love it!! I want one for my paint brushes..

Natalie King

Goals are great - now make lists for making those goals happen! Ooo... and make a vision board to remind yourself of them too! Thanks for sharing!
Love the mugs... when are they coming out?!


Great plan....and that pencil cup would motivate anyone!

April Cole

Great New Year goals! :]
Thanks for the link, I shared it with my daughter. (hugs)
God, how I miss running Marathons!!! Long time runner... I've ran over 12.
Made it to Boston too.
Yet, when I was diagnosed with my illness, the Marathons stopped. :[
I still run, and that I am thankful for.

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