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January 19, 2012



I collect your clocks...did I pick a good thing?? LOL~!


Much agreed on the collecting...it seems like if you tell people you collect something they will buy you tons of it. In my opinion it isn't as much fun as finding the item yourself! Good call on the "A" collect, way cool! BTW you are not a hoarder, and collecting art supplies is a GOOD thing :)


Some people just don't get it. LOL


Hmmmm... how can saving the photo cards of the people in your life be considered hoarding??? I LOVE the idea and I love that your generation exchanges the photo cards... fun.

And I love the glass jars full of trinkets on the cover of that book. Makes me realize I am a collector of tiny treasures like these... but only in my studio!


Collector? Me? Ha! I think I have 23 pendulum just of yours! My family thinks I am crazy but they have given me one for Xmas the last two years. Your clocks make me so happy. I believe my house is about 1800 square feet. My little house is very charming and it ticks.

Thank you!

Jennie Siebold

I collect everything...But most of all your art!!! Ha I also made the mistake of saying I loved Hello kitty when I was 12 and now every birthday and Christmas I have Hello kitty coming out my ears!!!I'm 29!!! LOL..


I want to start a collection of brooches. Vintage ones, that hasn't really started yet. One day. Mainly I collect vintage childrens readers (books) from the 50's to the 70's. The better the illustrations the more I like them. I have quite a few. I like all your A's.


love the A collection! i had to read the comments at apartment therapy - they made me laugh!


The collecting cow thing made me laugh! I used to collect cows too - but, it HAD to stop. LOL. You can only go so far with that one. I really don't collect anything now (except art supplies) but, would love to start collecting art and crosses. I LOVE all your As!!! Have a great weekend.

Kimmy Davis

I collect your banks (Red Heart Girl, Black Cat, Patchwork Cat, Chicken and sun over a cloud.) I've also got a trinket box I love (the "love" one actually, lol.)

I also collect Christmas ornaments. They show where I've been, what I love, my past, my future, etc. I only get one or 2 new ones each year, but they're basically a scrapbook of my life.

meg duerksen

the comments on AT can get down right mean....so uncool.
i LOVE your choice of collections.
and i will be on the look out for you now.
the picture up top of your daughter is GORGEOUS and so crisp and clear.
love that.

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