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December 18, 2011



oh michelle... your sweet treats are so pretty... and yummy looking too! i've been baking cookies and goodies galore... and eating them too sad to say... so i know how you're feeling! if there's any left there going to make great gifts for neighbors and friends though... i'll let you know how that goes!!


Michelle, if you could start doing some raw food smoothies during your week, I guarantee it will change the way you feel. The enzymes will help your digestion and push out all the toxins. A great place to start is http://www.greensmoothiegirl.com/

I have been doing them since April to recover from surgery last year, and they helped so much immediately. The energy boost was great since my adrenals really needed help after all my body went through last year. If you give your body this nutrition, it won't crave the sweets so badly either :) You can freeze your greens too so don't even have to worry about them going bad in the fridge :) :) Let me know if you want to try a few of my favorites, although I tend to just wing it (like us right-brainers do, hehe)


Your treat however are adorable~! Lucky peeps in your lives :)


want to do these...did you use rolos? Pretzels, rolos and m&m's or pretzels, kisses and m&m's? thinking about giving up the diet coke for new year but not sure I can committ ... how is that going for you?


I'm not good self-disciplined, I'm fat! hahaa!

Island Cottage Art and Design

My daughter made those pretzel snacks last night! She used candy kisses with blue m&m's to celebrate
Hanukkah tonight with a friend. They are having a Christmas/Hanukkah party! I love college kids, they
are so creative in sharing their traditions and beliefs with one another.

By the way ... I love your new home, and studio. Merry Christmas and worry about the calories in the
New Year. I'm sure you've been working out just by running up and down the steps!

Hirshel Donnelly

Wow, those treats are adorable! It would be great to eat some together with my younger cousins and nieces… It's okay to eat sweets occasionally, but regular eating can cause weight gain. How did you make those treats, btw?

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