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November 29, 2011


Kimberly Roberts

those are the most beautiful stairs i have ever seen!!! and what a great quote to get you creating!!!


did y'all do the woodwork too? If we have stairs in our next house I don't want carpet on them~!

Jennie Henderson-Siebold

AMAZING LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




I'm with Jennie!! AMAZING.. The nicest stairs I have ever seen!! Wonderful job! Just love love love the artwork, and the quote is sooo true!!! Just thrilling to see these!!!

Hugs Giggles


beautiful!! love the artwork and colors!!


They look GREAT!
ThereĀ“s no other word for it.
Well, except for wonderful, inspiring, amazing, awesome, brilliant...

Kyles (Kylie Pepyat-Fowler)

There are those stairs again. Love, love, love them. I need to get me some stairs.......lol
Thanks for sharing.
Kyles :D

Kim Seistrup



You are such an amazing lady! xx

rachel awes

gulp. love.


Oh, they were definitely worth the wait! Even more gorgeous than I imagined....to die for!!


gorgeous! and inspiring!


Absolutely gorgeous... you are so inspiring!!!


I'm wordless Michelle! This is Beauty!




Amazing as usual!!!

Sonya Paz

WOW!!! Impressive, looks great!

Shayna Butler

Yay, these are TOO AWESOME!!!!!!! Thanks so much for sharing them! Wow, they just look so beautiful and colorful, and so nice with everything around them finished. Great job on these!


Oh my gosh! These are GOR-geous Michelle!! I LOVE how each step is it's own little masterpiece and together - AMAZING. So inspiring. :)


I bet you are sooooo happy these are in. They are gorgeous! I would love to step up those every day.


Michelle, you have outdone yourself!!!! These are truly inspiring, and just... FANTASTIC!!!I have been eagerly awaiting the "unveil" of the stairs, LOL and they are far beyond what I thought they would be! I LOVE what you've done with the house - how awesome to be able to do it the way you want to.. as you envision it!!!
Oohh... and loving the table your hubby built! I have one just like it in my room! :) Can't live without it! LOL

meg duerksen

prettiest stairs in the whole wide world.
for reals.

Kristin Dudish

Oh wow - they turned out beautifully - I'm so happy to see the final result! Completely amazing (and I love the quote!) Wheee!!!


amanda jolley

Oh my gosh, they turned out so fabulous!!! Wonderful.

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