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November 22, 2011



Lets just put it this way " you are not alone!" lol At least the move gives you the opportunity to purge. I have binders of cards I've save for the last 37 years!!! I'd love to toss them, because they are in my room since my sil recovered the trunk/ottoman they were in. Still can't do it. All the vintage artwork on the outsides...darn it! I'm afraid as soon as I toss them I'll need them...so yes many artists keep too much.. I am trying to be honest with myself. Asking " do I really need this?" and telling myself the truth. It's difficult... Good luck with that!!
Happy Thanksgiving to you!

Hugs Giggles


Congrats on the move! Finally! I´m so glad for you. It must feel good to finally be able to get things in their new place, almost like starting a new life, in a way. And as for hanging on to stuff that CAN be used for something someday... well, you´ve seen my house, so I guess I don´t have to say any more.... ;-)

Sandra Sutherland

I wish I was there to help you!!


I'm very happy for you... and *NO* you are not alone about all the "supplies". Look on the bright side, how wonderfully optimistic are we to see the potential in so much junk? :)


I never thought about that way... that I have more... way more...stuff in my studio then in the whole rest of the house... wow. I even think you've influenced some of that collecting (smiles)... thank you! (more smiles) I'm excited to see the new art you create there my dear... fun!


you are not alone :))


Yes, moving a studio would be very daunting, but also very exciting! A new fresh space!! Great windows!


LOL..you are definitely NOT alone! The last time we moved the packers argued over who would pack my studio...and it wasn't because they all wanted to pack it!! LOL..it took them as long to pack the studio as the rest of house! Looking forward to seeing everything once you've unpacked...oh yeah..and those stairs!


The great thing about collecting all the supplies is being able to have art creation parties & offer the bits & pieces to my friends. It's so fun to see everyone's creativity & how they use the freebies!

helmi coenders

Yes, Everything!!!


I like the look, yust my house after moving.
but on my place it was a bigger mesh I was also without a bed to.
love Pieterfromholland

Jennie Henderson-Siebold

Well I am jealous!!!


so not alone on this one. my little corn of our living room has exploded!! I can't get ride of stuff i may need it..

Tammy M

haahaa! So not alone! My space has spilled out into a "second" studio (aka laundry room), and our relatives declared they would NEVER help my parents move again "because my mom had too much craft stuff!!"LOL! BUT i have a sign that says "THIS IS NOT A MESS! Its a pile of possibility!" xoxo Congrats on your new BEAUTIFUL place!! have a lovley cup of chai for me when you walk to your cool little coffee shop :o) Cant wait to get the ornaments done and mailed! ((hugs)) have a super great moving week!

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