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November 08, 2011



What a beautiful new pad! Great colors. :-)


You've worked very hard. Celebrate this happy occasion...no guilt. It's looking fabulous! Love that window seat!



Lee Ann

So excited for you! Can't wait for a "real" tour! :)

Karin  Canazzi

You have all earned it so enjoy. I will honk when I drive by and see you in the window seat. I imagine it won't happen often. You aren't really a sit still kind of gal!

Vicki Takata

love the white and the colors! so jealous


enjoy your beautiful house and all of the blessing that come your way! you deserve them all!
love the color!


dying! It is so beautiful! You will have to give me a tour when I come home!


Ooooooooooooooooooooooo! Can't wait to see the kitchen tile installed. The color looks AMAZING!!!


You should feel the opposite of guilty. Because in hard times, you have people working on your house, that need jobs and an income. You´re actually doing the community a service by keeping the wheels turning. So get rid of the guilt and give yourself over to totally enjoying the new-home-feeling!
(Can´t wait to see it all finished. Especially "my" room and the studio ;-)


pretty-pretty-pretty! LOVE everything I see so far... looks like I'll have to make another visit to Washington to see it in person :-)

Melissa Irvin

You have nothing to feel guilty about, Michelle. The Lord is blessing you abundantly - continue to thank Him and praise Him.

Can't wait to see everything you have going on in the house!

meg duerksen

oh my goodness!!!
this is going to be AMAZING!


Found some time to catch up on your blog! Wow. Things look amazing! Can't wait to see it all in person! Welcome to the neighborhood (almost) ;-).


Oh, and I may join you on that window seat! I have window seat envy right now!


Can't wait to see more! Congratulations!


Well I guess I don't have to spend the wkeneed figuring this one out!

Herb Koguchi

Whoa, that is just so colorful! How are your windows? I'm sure you're enjoying the view from your window, and I hope Karin already drove by and saw your house. Congrats on your new home in the city! :)

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