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November 10, 2011


Jennie Henderson-Siebold

I love this Clock !!!! I can't wait to go to your Studio on Friday and check out the new Diggs!!! Luv your work and your new hair!! I also posted on Facebook....


i'm in love with taking pictures of my adorable little girl... with a little brother on the way for her, i would adore one of those awesome camera straps!!! thanks for having such a fantastic giveaway, serious creative inspiration!


Oh my word....I love these camera straps....my secret passion is photography and I just bought a brand new DSLR camera. I take pics of simplicity. I adore the everyday. x

Tyler Larsen

shared you on my facebook page :)

Tyler Larsen

i take a bizzillion pictures of my little guy...it's ridiculous that he just turned 4 and i have over 10,000 pics of him! I'd love to rock one of your colorfully adorned camera straps!


I LOVE the camera strap and the clock! What an awesome giveaway!!

haley ptacek

I love ur styles and these straps are great... I love taking pictures of the out doors and odd little things I love the way the world look through the lens of a camera... and the little things that insures us in our lifestyle that make us run to our cameras.... I also shared on facebook.... thank you for the opportunity!

Haley p.

Elizabeth O'Donnell

One of the things that I inherited from my father when he passed away were his vintage old school canon cameras and lenses. Living in the digital age where everything is instant and now, I find it is a small and simple joy to wait for a roll of film to come back from the developers, not knowing what to expect when I finally get my hands on the envelope of prints. I photograph just about everything. A crack in the sidewalk, a shadow stretched across a room, the textures found in nature, negative space and smiling faces. The world is full of inspiring ideas and images. Capturing them on film is one of life's little pleasures :)

Off to post this on my wall on Facebook!

Elizabeth O'Donnell

Blogged about it at www.spinning-on-the-edge.blogspot.com



gustosagiveaways atymaildotcom


i love taking photo of my daughter
gustosagiveaways atymaildotcom


I've just shared this on Facebook... Beautiful stuff! Count me in for the giveaway, please! :-)


Right now I'm somewhat obsessed with photographing my new nephews!

I am posting you up on my blog right now, followed by a facebook share and I'll probably sign up for the newsletter too!

Beautiful artwork! I'll be following you now as well. :)


Sorry I forgot my blog url so you can see that I've done it ;)

Christina Karwowski-Stephenson

I enjoy taking photos everywhere I go. I mostly take pictures of my friends and family. I like to to get random strange angled shot. I think the clock and the camera straps are super adorable. But the clock is so the bees knees!!!!

debra crow

Love,Love,Love the camera strap!!!! I'm not qualified to take the pics in our home, but my daughter Bekah is. She is 17, and working on being a professional photographer. She has a great eye for the camera. The straps fit her personality and would look great on her camera. Im a huge follower of your blog and your mom's.

ruth roberts

Hi. I also like you strap but it would be cool if my daughter Elizabeth Odonnel could win the strap because of her volunteer and teaching art on Kodiak Island. She also takes some awesome pictures of art and nature and posts them right here on facebook. Thank you. Ruth Roberts

Pam Nanni

I'm getting married next year and a very good friend of mine has graciously offered to do the photography. My fiancé doesn't really enjoy being in front of the Camera but Lyssa has taken photos of us a few times and knows how to make him comfortable so I KNOW the photos on the BIG day will be spectacular. Not only that, she has an amazing eye for unique and beautiful shots. She never takes payment from friends so I'm always looking for ways to say thank you to her and one of these straps would be PERFECT!!!!

Wendy Lowman

A facebook share and I spend a lot of time photographing my yarn and knitted objects.

Holly M.

I love these!!!! I'd love to have one for my camera. I enjoy taking nature pictures and pictures of my nieces and nephews.

Becky Brown

I like to take photos of my pets.

Becky Brown

I also LOVe to take photos of my beautiful 2 year old grandson Ronin.


blog post
gustosagiveaways atymaildotcom


blog post
gustosagiveaways atymaildotcom


blog post
gustosagiveaways atymaildotcom

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