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November 10, 2011


Karen J Moseley

Hi Michelle! I'm so glad I found your blog! I Love your Sweet Mom! I see that you too have been blessed with a gift to create Beauty! I would like to take photos of the staff and doctors in the Chemo Clinic, where I am starting a new Trial for newly discovered cancer. I've battled and lost Breast Cancer and now it has Metastasized to my brain stem and most recently my bladder and kidneys.
Unfortunately, this Holiday Season will be spent at home with my cats, Fauna and Flora. I am single, so no one else in my home. Due to having no immune system, I cannot be with a group of people for fear of viruses and/or infection. I will not be able to be with my family for Thanksgiving or Christmas.
So, I'd also love to take more photos of my cats. They are a constant form of Love to me.
Hugs! ~ Jo

Karen J Moseley

Shared on my Facebook profile page: https://www.facebook.com/KJMoseley/posts/160358644061819

Karen J Moseley

I Tweeted your Giveaway here: https://twitter.com/#!/peasandluvfrmJO/status/137230974525251584
I'm now Following you on Twitter as peasandluvfrmJO

Karen J Moseley

I'm a new Follower on FB and I left a comment on your profile page and recommended you to all of my Friends!

Karen J Moseley

Happily signed up for your Newsletter at jomoseley57@gmail dot com

Karen J Moseley

I posted about your Giveaway on my blog, "JO's CORNER". I "borrowed" your photo of the camera straps. I hope that's okay!


I love your mom's comment but I LOVE these camera straps and that clock (hold me back!) even more! Hmm, what do I love to take pictures of...that's easy breezy, my three boys AND the little girl we are adopting and FINALLY bringing home this Christmas. This is so fun, thanks for the giveaway!


Signed up for the newsletter! Yippee!


Sharing on Twitter!! This is so cool!


i like taking pictures of insects and flowers


i shared it on facebook http://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=314199195257935&id=100003177933192


tweeted about it https://twitter.com/#!/becca_82/status/137271322932809728


This is absolutely awesome! I'm a student in Texas majoring in photography and I am truly passionate. I just recently bought a Canon 60D with a 50mm 1.8 lens and I am in LOVE! I was instantly looking for a cute and unique strap to accompany my new pride and joy to give it some personality and this is what I have been looking for! I definitely want to look into making these and maybe if I win one I can teach myself! I put this on my facebook and twitter to show other photo friends who are interested and signed up for yalls newsletter! Can't wait to see more interesting creations from yall:] hope I win! (fingers crossed:])


I'd take photos of all the art that inspires me to create and post it on my new blog!!!

Jesse K. Hendrix

I love taking pictures of my recipe creations in natural sunlight and with my first child on it's way...still have to wait 7 months to meet baby, husband is having fun taking silly pictures of my belly but oh when baby arrives...it will be all about family pictures in natural sunlight of course


i like to take pictures of my daughter, my only child, the little girl i have wanted to adopt from China since i was 8 and did when i was 34! i LOVE your ART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


who won? was it MEEEEEEEE? (i'm still coveting.)

Kylie Fitzpatrick

I take pictures with my friends and family; it was my new years resolution for 2011! I never used to document my life very well and now I have so many great moments captured from this year to look back on.


Shared on Facebook and Signed up for the Newsletter.

Love the camera straps!

Cindy Crow

Lately...I take pictures of homeless people. A project I've had in the back of my mind finally coming to reality. Not a professional photog...just a person who loves art/craft. Thanks for the opportunity to win... if I don't...you know what we all say "I'll try and make my own"
...win/win. cheers!

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