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November 10, 2011



i will tweet you, like you, recommend you, and do all sorts of shout outs to walk through this world with one of those MAGICAL, MARVELOUS, MADE BY MICHELLE camera strap dandies.

i recently started a photo project capturing random acts of kindness in real time. (not easy, but SO inspiring!) i think one of your straps would be the perfect partner to my mission-driven vintage minolta.

(and ps: yay! love seeing a whole different dimension of your brilliant work!)


I LOVE these camera straps... and I would LOVE to own one... but since I'm your mom I'm probably disqualified from the contest... but still wanted you to know I LOVE them anyway!! :-)


I love taking photos of trees.. they are beautiful.. Also I tend to take photos of the things I bake, just to remember that I can do it.

I love your work..
Best wishes for you..

Cheryl O'Dell

These are wonderful, I love your camera straps.
I love taking pictures of my wonderful grandchildren. I am up to four and one on the way. The strap would look great on my new camera I saved up for so I could take pictures of my newest granddaughters birth.
Can't wait to see you at the studio sale.


I Love taking pictures of the elderly. I love that you can see straight to there soul through there eyes and that their character and wisdom shows on there face. I also love landscapes. I'm a big fan of Gods work.

I'm also a big fan of yours!


Ok I shared you with all my friends!!!

Regla Exavier

I love taking pics of the silly moments in life...capturing a funny look on my dogs face, an unexpected pic of my hubby, pics of my crafts pretty much anything. I LOVE your work!


Pictures capture Life's moments that are fleeting. The image is a beautiful medium that allows you to share those captured moments with other! I especially love taking pictures of people when they're not looking who they are shines through!

I would greatly enjoy one of your wonderful straps!!


I love your camera straps. They make me happy!!

I love to take pictures of my children...yesterday in the first now...absolutely priceless. :)


I shared the link on facebook!!


Adorable!!!! :) I would love to win a camera strap! My memory cards, facebook, and frames are full of photos I have taken of my 3 kiddos - cheerleading, basketball, reading to each other, potty training; my husband and I on our honeymoon (alot of arms reached out of ourselves), hunting together; my camera captures my family - they leave us too soon and our memories are so dear. :) God has blessed you with incredible creativity. Thank you for having the courage to share it with the world.


I blogged about you and your giveaway! Love your stuff. :) Have a great day!

Carla Priddy

I don't blog dangit!
I love taking pictures of everything! I love taking pictures of my boys...doing their thing, I love taking pictures of my cats. I LOVE taking pictures of adventures I have with my boys....what we are climbing, digging for treasures, seeing who can get the filthiest or even how far we have gone. My boys love taking pictures of themselves, and sneaking pictures of their parents when we don't know they are around and then hysterically laughing at them...which is how we know this...they given themselves away every time! I would LOvE one of your super cute camera straps!!


I like taking pics of my beloved pooch and of course vacations. So much fun to look back and see pics of things like food and dream about a yummy meal I had. I could look as cute as you with a super cool camera strap ( :

Tammy M

OOOH! Thanks for the chance to win!! YAY!! I love taking pictures of old farmsteads ( we have tonnes of old barns and old old houses up here) also Nature and babies!! And beautiful doors, and, and and! haha! I also LOVE macro photography...tiny tiny details no else may have noticed. :o) xoxox Miss you Michelle! Hope your week is going amazing!!


OOOO! Yes I do!

Let's see...I love to photograph my hands. I am doing a series on them, which has been kinda healing for me. (I lost all the feeling in my hands from damage to my spinal cord from MS.) I also photograph my beautiful Lab, Indiana Jones alot. He's so gorgeous and I want to always have beautiful photographs of my boy. Those are the two things I photograph the most.

Twittering this! :)


These are beautiful! I would love to win one of these. :) I like to take pictures of nature, animals (mostly dogs), families, and special moments. I also take pictures of the middle school students that I work with at my church and love to take my camera abroad when I go on short-term mission trips such as those to Nicaragua, and this weekend, the Yakima Valley! I live to capture everything.


PS: I shared this giveaway via Facebook!


I love taking pictures of my kids. I have become so good that people want me to take pictures for them. :)Thanks for the chance to win one of your awesome straps.


I try to carry a camera with me everywhere I go ... I'm always finding to take a shot of!


I mostly take pictures of my husband and the cat, but in a couple of months there will be a new little person in my life to take photos of! (But what I'd really love is that wonderful clock! I lack a fancy camera at the moment.)


OHHHHH I loooove carpe diem clock!! Please pick me!!! :D

susie c.

i love taking pictures in our yard...nature gives the best models! :)


I shared this giveaway via Twitter!


I shared on Facebook!

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