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November 25, 2011



whuttttttttt? no lazy boy chair???? that's a must for me, hehehe. I wanna see a pic in a few months once you've gotten that table properly spattered upon :)


That table is going to see a whole lot of arting and crafting in the days to come... so happy... and yes... you are loved and blessed by that man... he's a keeper for sure! :-)


Amen!!!! I am soo lucky to have a very handy husband too and an understanding one:O) Are we not lucky:O) have a great evening and enjoy that studio:O)


Wow! It all looks amazing. That table is more than awesome. Can we borrow your husband when you're all done with the house. I would LOVE a table like that!!! Maybe he can send some magic wood working skill to my hubby?

Happy Thanksgiving!!


oh, and I love your tool bag. You need some close-ups of that gorgeous thing!!


Ooooooooooooooo! What a great studio space - LOVE the big table, wood floors, & big windows!


That table looks fabulous!! The studio looks amazing so far. :) LOVE. Get some rest!!

Shayna Butler

Wow, what a lucky girl!! That's a great table (and an awesome hubby for building you one)! I love it that it has wheels. Can't wait to see your studio and house all set up.


Oh, I´m slightly envious of that big table. It´s just perfect for making great art! Maybe I´ll have to make one myself. OR come hang out at your place ;-)

rachel awes

it's like the fairytale chair that fits just right. xox

Erin Leigh

love your new house! love the steps & character & seeing the transformation. xo e


WOW! Love it & how clever of you to think ahead for the two holes in the table & outlet below..genious! Will you leave the table in its birthday suit or paint it? Can't wait to see!!

April Cole

Oh pure heaven here...!
Everything looks like it is coming together beautiful *hugs*


We just moved too--to our dream house and now I have a nice big studio and can do anything I want in it and have been frozen with indecision!

meg duerksen

i want to live in that room.

shaun b

amazing. Keep up the creative lifestyle. Cheers

Giana Forzareli

Is that a rebel alliance symbol on your tool bag? I guess my boyfriend succeeded at brain washing me to love star wars. Great job on completing this awesome table. This table can be used in so many different settings; you created a versatile piece of furniture. Are you going to stay it? I found that tung oil gives the furniture a great wood finish. Keep up the great work. I can't wait to see what you build next.


Hi. I came upon your studio table post and love it. Want to make one. Can you tell me the height of the table from floor to top surface including the wheels? Also, what is the height of the stools in the picture? Thank you thank you

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