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October 19, 2011



happiness underfoot :) the color & quote are uplifting!!


Oh my!!! I am in total swooning love. I love everything about these...the colors, the quote...everything. What inspiring steps these are!!


sheer DELIGHT!


I canĀ“t B-lieve how cool they are! You just raised the bar, no, you DEFINED the ultimate cool personal home-decor! This is just incredibly inspiring!

Kelly Warren

Wow! These are totally awesome! I've long wanted to do something like this with my stairs, but I lack the painting talent you have. Love, love, love.

Shayna Butler

Perfect! Thanks for posting a pic of them up, I was so looking forward to it. I must say I think your version is the best of all the stair pictures you posted. Love the colors and artwork and your lettering. These are fabulous!

Kyles (Kylie Pepyat-Fowler)

OH WOW!!!! They are brilliant. I suddenly wish I had stairs in my house. :D


Love how the stairs are looking, what a fun project! 5 years later we still haven't finished the stairs in our garage which lead to my studio/big screen TV area. I have the sandpaper on one of the steps and it has been sitting there for a few weeks (months?!) I don't think that I could handle doing the painting with the risers installed but your project is sure inspirational. Have you moved into Vancouver??


So cute! Love the quote you picked out! Thanks for sharing with us.

rachel awes

found you through artsyville..
these stairs are INSPIRING!!
looooooooooove them!!!!

Chrissie Grace

I am in love!!!


OH-MY-GOSH- over the top fabulosa! LOVE LOVE LOVE-

Conni vom Atelier Tante Trulla

The stairs are so very beautiful. Love, love, love.


Yay!!! They are awesome! I want stairs now!!


So. amazing. You're coming to my house and doing mine next, right? :)


Oh wow! this is just fantastic!

Kim Smith

WOW!!!!! You are so dang talented, I can't stand it!! Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!! Love them :o)

Kristin Dudish

Wow! These are fantastic - please show them finished! (I don't think I could ever get sick of seeing these!) Wheeee!!!

Debbie Meyer

These are my favorite stairs ever!! So beautiful. Thanks for sharing. You've got me all motivated to rip off the worn out crappy carpet from our stairs and create something beautiful! :)

Dreaming Bear

Absolutely LOVE these steps!!!! Great work!!!

Pat Brady

I think these risers could be turned into a business!

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