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October 16, 2011



Happy Birthday Michelle ma belle~! oh, it is soooooo good to get soda, esp. diet ones, out of your diet. Your 40s will love you for it. INFLAMMATION maker, ugh. And the fake sugar does things I'd rather not mention on your birthday, lol. Try flavored teas. I love Paradise (reg. one). I make it in a coffee maker for best taste (the maker has never made coffee though, lol) or Celestial and Lipton makes some good ones too.


Happy birthday! I hope you have the best day, with lots of love and brownies and a little ARTing :-) What a great way to make your list. It just might be a trend to follow :-)

Shelly Massey

Lots of love and happiness for your 39th! Happy birthday to you! :) -S


Happy Birthday from Windy auld Scotland! :)


Happy Bday Michelle! X
I love your list...GREAT IDEA!
Have fun :)

Stephanie Gentry

Happy Birthday!
Love the list idea - except every year the list gets longer =P

Stephanie Gentry

Happy Birthday!
Love the list idea - except every year the list gets longer =P

Stephanie Gentry

Happy Birthday!
Love the list idea - except every year the list gets longer =P


Happy Birthday Michelle! Wishing 39 is a very creative and fun year! And purses...way cool!

Terri N-W

Have a most wonderful birthday! Do something special just for you!
Big Squishy Hugs!

Kym Hunter

Hope you had a wonderful 39th birthday! Love your list idea and I can totally see your designs as purses!

Have a great week!


Love your idea of creating a sculpture for your list of 39 accomplishments! So fun & a great reminder to make dreams come true at every glance of it. I'm inspired to create my own!


Happy, Happy Birthday Michelle!!! I think making a list...into art, is a great idea. What a fun way to keep those hopes right there where you can see them. Honestly, even 40 is not that bad! :)

Cristi Clothier

Happy Birthday! Once again you have inspired me to do a "list" of my own. Sadly mine will be a bit larger than yours, 44 things before I'm 45, ugh!

Have a fabulous day!


OMG I am so with you on the diet pepsi thing...mine is diet coke. I have tried and tried...but I don't drink, I don't smoke....and I LOVE my diet FOUNTAIN drink. I have given it up before and I DO feel so much better...I know it will be worth it in the long run. We try to be healthy in every other way yet we still pour chemicals down with that darn delicious, ice cold, hits the spot soda. Good luck to you and me!

April Cole

Such wonderfulness!!
Best of wishes... always *hugs*
The art board, a very clever idea, love it :]


Happy, Happy Birthday!!! I hope this is the best year yet for you!

Tyler-Baby Lux Design

happy bferday old lady! hope it's spectacular!!! can't wait to catch up with you at artfest! xo

Shayna Butler

Happy (late) Birthday! Love the list, and what a great idea turning it into a beautiful piece of art. Here's to conquering another list! Thanks for all the great inspiration!


Happy Birthday Michelle!! I hope it was wonderful. I love your artistic approach to list making ~ what a wonderful reminder.

amanda jolley

Hold on there, birthday girl. Did you say "new purse line" ???

April Heather Davulcu

Happy Belated Bday Michelle! oh its been too too long since I visited your blog! You know you inspired me to make and DO my list of 41 things--its going quite well--I LOVE having my list and challenging myself each day. I read "Don't find yourself, CREATE yourself" and making a piece of art with challenges is a brilliant way to do just that!! Best wishes for a grand year--and I hope I get to meet you at that Creative Connection event!

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