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October 06, 2011


Gary Allen

I wholeheartedly agree! In the words of Depeche Mode, "People are people so why should it be, you and I should get along so awfully?"

Shelly Massey

Thanks for posting this, Michelle. I think people generalize waaaay too often (was that a generalization? LOL!). Good to see your perspective!


I agree too but could you explain to me (because I truly don't understand) why the same business could not be done in America? Is it because of costs?
Love you! Love your love for other people!!

michelle allen

thank you trish for your comment!
im by no means saying that manufacturing in china is ideal. unfortunately, we dont live in an ideal world anymore.
i strongly believe in jobs in america and keeping jobs local. yes, cost is definitely the dividing line. and for a whimsical product like ours, there is a cap to what people are willing to spend. regardless of where it's made. if i could manufacture our products here for even close to what i can there, i would in a heartbeat.


Beautifully said Michelle. I was so touched by the people of China when I went with you a few years back. I will never forget watching them work with such precision, professionalism, endurance and skill. Then getting to watch them as they headed to their dorms or to a meal; laughing, talking, being silly…being people…living, surviving, searching, trying to make the most of life, and they are so full of life and spirit!


Love the wiener dog because I have a little Lucy hot dog...not sure what that product is cause I don't think I've seen it before but I'm digg'n it!! Still have your dreds....was wondering about that! Love your inspirational and colorful posts!!


Well said, Michelle!


Very well said Michelle! I was blessed to have met and shared tea, great food, laughter, and even a few tears with the people you work with... they now have a special place in my heart... thank you so much for the opportunity!


Despite what people think, NO country can make 100% of its goods "in house". We need the diversity of the world market place. It's called interdependance. Everyone has skills to bring to the table and something to contribute. It's always good to support your own country by buying local where possible-that's part of being a responsible and greener consumer, but you will HAVE to purchase from beyond your own borders sometimes.

For example: Canada does not have textile mills. If we didn't purchase from our neighbours to the south, the US, then we wouldn't have the means to make ANYTHING that's made out of material. That's the the way it is!

Good for you Michelle for running your business in such a way that it reflects your values. I knew there was a reason (or two!) why I liked you!


Regular biased news frustrates me! You only ever hear the worst case scenarios, never such delights as this. Kelly Rae first opened my eyes to what a lovely experience it was dealing with China. Thank you Michelle for also giving us a pleasant perspective showcasing the positives!! I respect your ethic as a business woman! Thanks for sharing this valid information! Thank goodness for blogs, and the real stories!

Hugs Giggles


love this. so glad you shared this. love the pic of you and the girl painters.


You always do amazing, eye opening blog posts, Michelle. Thank you for that. The photos are so beautiful, as well. You are an amazing force of nature!


I´m glad you´re back to blogging, Michelle. It´s so much fun to read and see how your China-trips are. And all the other fun, creative stuff you do too. ;-)

meg duerksen

i love this.

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