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August 03, 2011



I nominate my best friend, Lisa. She struggles to make ends meet and works so hard. On top of working full-time she works on her days off as well. Even with her busy schedule she always makes time for me. I am always sending her little gifts just to cheer her up and brighten her day. I think she would really appreciate this because she LOVES your art. I have shown her the clocks I have and she squealed with delight when she saw them!

Baylee smith

I think my mom cause she has done so much for our family by letting us do all of the sports we want to do and being so able to drive us all over. She has adopted 9 kids with my dad and so she is the person I want to nominate for being amazing! Love you mom!

Valorie Clark

I would love my dad to get it for his 80th birthday tomorrow. He has been such an inspiration to his family. He worked at least 3 jobs when were growing up and now he and my mom are still going at it volunteering their time a church camps rebuilding the cabins or kitchens whatever needs to be fixed. I would love to have one of your items in their motorhome so they could be brightened every day. Thank you Michelle


I nominate my aunt, Sandy, who after being with the same man for 25 years, FINALLY decided to get engaged and move away to live with him! She is fun, vibrant, and will absolutely LOVE your artwork! I just know she misses her family dearly and I'd love to brighten her day a bit :)

Lori Smith

I nominate my friend Melissa. lets just say your prayers for guidance and strenght would be a great way to wrap up a fun Michele Allen surprise.

Vicki Takata

I nominate my husband who is in the midst of trying to find a new office space plus keep the old one running in the meantime

Amy C

I nominate my best friend who is unexpectedly starting a new life after finding out her husband was not the man she thought he was. She has started a new job and moved - three stressful things all at once! Her new house sure needs TLC and some cute things, for sure.

April Cole

My mother-in-law.
She is so sweet & loving. She always welcomes us to her home with open arms!
Keeping my fingers crossed :]


I nominate my daughter. She is a fabulous single mom who works full time and goes to college full time. She needs a little bit of Michell's artsy sunshine in her life.


OH man... do I have to choose just ONE?!!! I have a college bff who could definitely use a pick me up. I was able to catch up on her difficult year just this Sat. (love you "B"!)

[look Michelle... It's NOT 11:55pm!] ha! [oh... AND I LOVE that mixer clock! genius!]


My BFF is a single mom, who just moved into a new condo & needs some fun things to brighten her new home. :)

Wendy Bluhm

I would like to nominate my daughter. She is the mother of identical 2 year old twins. She had problems at the end of her pragnacy and could have lost one or both of the babies. The Boys are doing great now, but they live away from all family and she and her husband have done it all by themself. She is amazing and so are these boys, they are just so busy, she needs a little surprise! Thanks!

Sharon Bloom

I would like to nominate my dearest friend Christine. She is a BIG fan of your work and could really use a "pick me up" as she continues to go through her chemo treatments. A piece of your colorful and inspiring artwork would really lift her spirits. This woman is the most positive and talented person I know. She would be over the top to be chosen!

Kirscha Gray

My LITTLE Son Kasch.. He just outgrew his crib and is into his BIG BOY BED!!! HIS NEW BIG BOY ROOM WOULD SURE LOOK GREAT WITH A MICHELLE ALLEN CLOCK!!!!! YEAH!!!!!! I hope my little man wins!!!!! WE LOVE MICHELLE ALLEN... SHE IS ALL OVER OUR HOUSE!!!!!! ;D

Kellie Lund

I would nominate my mom. Her husband had a heart attack Friday and then on Saturday a lady ran a stop sign and hit my mom. Totaled her car! She is very sore now taking care of her sick husband. She deserves a pick me up. .


I nominate my friend Meredith who always loves hard. Her arms are constantly open for a signature "Mere hug". Despite numerous trials and heartaches her heart has remained open to others. She's a friend who provides refuge and is willing to share her heart and soul with those around her. This week her big brother who was battling cancer passed from this earth and into Heaven's arms. She has loved him and his family dearly. With heartache and tears she is choosing to focus on the image of him healed, whole, and healthy running in Heaven's golden fields. Winning the "Love" shopping spree would brighten her day and let her know there are people out there who love her as much as she has loved them!


My sister! I recently lost my mother, and to cheer up my kids, husband, and I, my sister treated us to a week at her home in Florida. We had a wonderful time and would love to thank her in a cheerful and artsy way:). My how you are expanding in warehouse size, but mostly creativity. Best wishes on this next season of life!!


Can I nominate myself? I just got back from the hospital where they scoped my stomach. And of course they didn't find anything wrong. Looks like the year of extreme pain will never end. But on the bright side, the anesthesia was dreamy! Best sleep I have had all year!
Yes, I think I will nominate myself. Because I'm soo drugged and loopy right now I don't know better. ;)

Melissa Irvin

Selfish as it sounds, I could use some extra love this week. You know why...

Judi W.

I nominate my daughter Tara - she is a care coordinator for people who need a little extra help, her boss quit with no notice the day before the office moved to a new location. She had to manage the move, do her boss's job plus do her own job and she is stressed to the max. She would absolutely love a pick me up!

Shannon C

I nominate my husband. He has been working very hard to keep the family afloat in this economy it has not been easy. He is a carpenter.


from the sounds of all these comments, I think others need it more than who I was nominating!


I'm nominating my good buddy Tammy McGee. She's been having a rough summer and I know she would love a little surprise. She is one of the sweetest and most generous people I know and her spirit is so bright. I'd like to keep her that way :)

Tyler-Baby Lux Design

I'd nominate my grandma Ruby. She and my grandpa are celebrating their 65th wedding anniversary in Sept. She recently scared our entire family with a collapse and unexpected hospital stay. She's home now re-cooping (whew) But I now she'd LOVE all close2myart has to offer! And I'd love to make her smile!

Lisa Storaci

My friend Meredith has been on my heart all week....she needs a little gift! She is a gift to so many and she lost her brother to cancer this week. So sad....my heart hurts for her. The saving grace is that he is now in heaven and not hurting anymore......but so many are hurting here on earth...including his sister, Meredith. Meredith has my vote!

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