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August 03, 2011



I nominate my daughter-in-love, Mollie! She's a busy wife, mother, RN, & daughter. She deserves recognition and praise for being the wonderful godly woman she is!

Kimmy Davis

OK, this is in bad taste...but I need it! My son starts Kindergarten today, we've been through the huddled masses at Open House, and there's apparently a total lack of wide-ruled notebook paper in my entire county--just 30 minutes outside of ATL. Luckily, we just needed crayons and such!
Oh, and my birthday is coming up in 3 weeks. Kindergarten + Birthday = inconvenient semi-midlife crisis!!

I need a "Blue Bird" (of Happiness) bank!! And some doodlings to keep me company while the silence in my house echos around me........


I can to use the clock on wall in my little niece

Natalie Briney

my sister, as her husband just had a heart attack and she is in desperate need fo some pick me up... xx


A teammate (etsy). Her husband lost his job and she has been carrying the weight for almost two years. I have also been encouraging her to follow her dreams so that when he finishes school she will be able to work more on her crafty side!
And she is incredibly loving and generous. She donates the proceeds of her shop to animal causes.

Aimée Wheaton

A dear friend of mine just found out her husband cheated on her after 3 years of marriage and is separating. They have a 1 year old daughter and she's in the process of moving out and moving on. I think she could use a pick me up for sure.


dang i have to choose one person. there are so many who could use a pick me up right now.
but i am going to say my friend tricia. her dog sugar has been very sick and she is taking lots
of good care of her pooch. i knonw she is worn down and very sad. sugar is much older
and they have been together for a long time.


I nominate my friend G, whose sister was just diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. They already know that it's in her bones and matasticized. She has 4 young children. G (not surprisingly) is doing everything she can to be there to support her sister and her family, while dealing with health concerns of her own.


I nominate the best husband in the world...whose 70th birthday is in just a few days! He puts up with me....so he can always use some extra love!

Island Cottage Art and Design

I would like to nominate my friend Susanne. After reading the other entries, I feel reluctant to write about her trials and tribulations, so let's just go with, She would be happy as a clam to win something unexpected!

Also, to those other entries, I pray that all works out for your families and friends. It is difficult selecting just one
person who needs a lift. Bless all of your hearts for thinking of others.


I nominate my good friend Melissa, who has been super-helpful and supportive in helping me get through the "fun" of a first pregnancy!


I'd love to nominate my Mom, she's the most amazing women I know. For her birthday yesterday we spent the day down at the cancer clinic with my Dad, trying to take in our families new reality. She could truly use a pick me up! Thanks Michelle!


I would like to nominate my friend Laura, I think she would get a kick out of your artwork! She's a mom of 4 all under the age of 12... and a 2 years ago was diagnosed with a Brain Tumor, she's had a VERY bumby road of recovery and other health issues. Laura and her kids have been a such a blessing in my life I would love to give her boost!
Thanks for the opportunity!


I nominate my friend Sherry C. She is the most beautiful person even thought times are hard and she has lost many members of her family within the past couple of years. She just keeps everything moving along with out a hiccup. She deserves a pick me up for sure.


I would nominate my friend Maria, she had a birthday but I didn't even send her a card. Bad me, but she is great, she always sends me the best gifts! :-)


Well I nominate myself ... he he I'm in a middle of a huge crises and right now I need some extra love :)


My sister could use the pick me up. She donated her kidney last month to a boy and it is rejecting. She went through alot of "blues" afterward and some major emotional issues. She is feeling so blue and I would just love to pick her up and fly her away.

robin west

My mom, 83 and counting, all her friends are gone and now she is stuck with just me.

Janet Tyson Prosser

I nominate my friend Nancy Cassidy who turned me on to Michele Allen Designs. She does all sorts of volunteer work in our community and then drives the elderly to Doctor appointments. Nancy is truly an amazing lady!

Michelle Hughes

My mom - retired, struggling with health issues and trying to make ends meet. But still has tons of time to spend with the grandkids and love on them!

Lisa Thiessen

I nominate my husband, Randy...he's getting his knee replaced at the end of this month after a very, very long wait (almost 20 years since his original injury) - and the surgery is on his birthday! He works tirelessly in the community, and around our farm in spite of mobility issues. He's a champion.


I nominate my sis-in-law, Kristin, she introduced me to your artwork and I am always looking forward to the holidays when she gives me yet another one of your treasures. It is the best kept "secret" of the holiday season.


i'd nominate my mother- mamma winger, of Things With Wings. She's in the midst of making some tough decisions about her aging and deteriorating parents, and it's a lot of letting go. I already know she loves your work, and she'd get a big thrill from picking out something special!

Debbie Supplitt

I nominate my BFF of 35 years who just went through surgery four weeks ago and is going bonkers at home. She doesn't get her driving wheels back for another 2 weeks.


My hubby's birthday is on the 18th so I'm sure he'd find something fun!

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