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August 05, 2011



I am a descendant of the Mayflower - George Soule - one of the original 102 Pilgrims who arrived on the Mayflower to Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1620. You can see a replica of his house when you visit the Plymouth Plantation in MA. My mother and I just finished tracing our roots to document this officially -it was a labor of love! How about a new funky Pilgrim design for one of your clocks? :)


Och....I'm too borin' tae talk about.....JUST PLEASE LET ME WIN WOMAN!!! :)


Hey Michelle, I am an only child and a mother of an only child - now on my own and it is a challenge! My dream job would be travelling the world getting paid for my photos! Not much for the weekend - working some, visiting.

Have a good day!


I'm currently researching plant dyeing. Without chemical mordants - because the ancients folks didn't have them, so I won't them to be part of my dyeing. This means we are having lots of onions right now - I need the peel ;-) And once the chestnuts are raining from the trees their shells will be used, too. Next spring - Dandelions!


Quilting is therapy for me. So much more fun and I get an end result I can hang on the wall.


I have always loved to sing! My dream was to be a Broadway
star...Being in a famous musical would be a dream come true
for me. The closest I have gotten is starring in our high
school musicals. The Ladybug Clock would be fabulous for my
best friend's "Ladybug" Room. (She just has breast cancer
surgery on Thursday.
Many thanks, Cindi

Janne Robberstad

Yay! A gay trout! Who´da thought it!?! When I was about 13 or 14, my Dad and I would get up at around 5.30 every morning in the middle of summer, to go fishing for trout at a small lake near by my house. We pull the fishing net we´d rowed out with the night before. So for about two months we had fried trout for dinner. I learned how to clean the fish and prepare it. It is still one of my favorite dinner-dishes.


i love you!


I have taken many many e courses on mixed media, and enjoyed al of them

Barbara Moore

I'm a Gourd Artist which is an art form that most people just don't understand. It's not all about birdhouses. I've also been trying out different art mediums and feel like I've finally gotten to spread my wings!

Hugs XX


Well, my baby just started kindergarten this week and I am starting out as a full time artist again! Very exciting and sad at the same time! I have been doing it all for so long, trying to balance work and motherhood at the same time. Heres to new adventures!

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  • hi and welcome!!! i'm so glad you're here! my name is michelle. i'm blessed to be a wife (to gary) of 18 years and a mom of two girls; alexis(16) & jess(11). i've been a full time artist for 15 years. i made my start at Portland Sat. Mkt. and art fairs around the country, and then headed into wholesale shows when our oldest began school. i love ART-ing, art journaling, running, cycling and downing junk food!
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