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August 05, 2011


Sonja Rheaume

Can you do a Nemesis piece for this amazing soccer team I know?

Melissa Irvin

Something interesting, huh? Well, I found a letter today while doing a serious cleaning of the office closet. It was from my doctor in May 1990. At the time I was very sick and in really bad shape. In the letter, which my doctor had written about me, he was of the opinion that I was severely, permanently, and irreversibly disabled. I am so glad he was WRONG! Several years after the vletter, my disease went into remission and PRAISE GOD, it still is!


Well next week is my birthday so I really like a birthday present :)


We're getting together tonight with a college roommate, followed up tomorrow by our 1 year old nephew's birthday party, and Sunday my husband leaves for training for work, my children go to Grandma's house...and I'm blissfully alone for three days!


One of my favourite gigs ever was playing "Dr. Helga VonFullalove" for a gala fundraiser. During the event, I wandered about telling random attendees about the fascinating sex lives of animals. For example, did you know that in seahorses, it is the male that incubates the developing young, nurturing them in a womb-like pouch until they give birth to live babies? Well, now you do. Makes me wonder if they'd do the lion's share of the housework too... ;)


I'm starting an e-course this Sunday to learn how to be a possibilitarian!! So I'm SURE I will be picked tonight as a winner!

Seriously, starting this course is going to turn me into the artist I've always thought of my self as. It will give me dedicated time to work toward my dream. This THRILLS me!!!! BTW - love, love, love your stuff!


Just ordered a pizza and ready to relax with a glass of wine and watch Shark Week! Tomorrow we are having a garage sale...fun, fun! Hope to make some jewelry and run over the weekend, and that will pretty much be a perfect weekend for me!


I have been volunteering at a camp for foster teen girls this week. It's been an amazing time. I am helping make a mini scrapbook for each girl :)

Amy C

I hate the sound of a person eating an apple or slurping cereal or soup. Itakes me feel violent. Lol

robin west

I will spend the weekend in typical Tucson summer style, in the pool with my dog Ozzie, my husband and maybe on Sunday my 2 nieces will come over, school starts Monday, much to their dismay.


When I have to go to the hospital for treatment and I'm going to be a long time, I watch things like House or Nurse Jackie on dvd or off my ipod. It helps me deal with the stress.

I got pretty sick last weekend and had to page my doc late at night and make a run to the 24 hr. pharmacy across town. I've been lying low, trying to feel better and watching "6 Feet Under". Somehow dark stuff always cheers me up. Must have something to do with working on a crisis line for 8 years-I have a fine sense of gallows humour.

For the Love...

I moved from the West coast to the East coast in the middle of a very harsh winter, last January, "from flip-flops to boots, coat and scarf. I did not know if I would like it here on the East coast but it's growing on me and I am beginning to find my new circle of Artsy friends... I am discovering lots of new things and I have visited "Time Square" in New York twice, although we live in Connecticut now it is WAY different than California but different in a good way.


I am going crib shopping this weekend, which is kind of crazy because I don't even know what gender the baby is yet, but my grandmother is bugging me to pick one out -- she offered to pay, which is very generous of her. I suppose I was going to have to get one sooner or later :) But we find out what we're having in just one week! Woo hoo! PS: My future child needs a soap spitter.

Natalie Briney

We have a Festival going on in our little town, which I have volunteered to help set up. It's been a long week, but to see my kids so happy and so excited with all of the things going on (which being a small town they are not normally exposed to), has made it all worth while!


I discovered that I still know the words to the songs I sang in our high school production of Oliver. I was in the chorus of nameless 'street urchins.' :-) and I still know the words to the songs that I didn't have to sing too. :-) (For some reason "I'd Do Anything" popped into my head the other day!) Now if I win, I'm going to be embarrassed....


When I'm nervous, I say my ABC's backwards (in my head- hopefully...). It keeps me distracted from whatever I'm nervous about.

angie kelly lewis

this weekend im going to be painting some furniture to put in my art classroom, in hopes of making it homey feeling and brain research campatible :)


This weekend... Hanging out with the kids, gardening, working, taking care of Dad, thinking of starting a blog (there is a lot of thinking on this - not so much action!), eating veggies, planting a winter Garden (YES, a winter garden in CANADA):) And checking back to see more about Day 6...


Spending this weekend with my grandchildren who make my heart glad!

Tammy M

this weekend i will be watching sunlight shimmer and sparkle off the water, i will see the sun kiss the freckles on small noses, i will feel the breeze dance with my red polka dot dress and hear giggles of joy burst from small mouths... :o) The lake in the summertime is so wonderful. xoxo have a super night Michelle!


I have an ability to remember details but I have a hard time keeping track of what I ate for breakfast.

When I was attacked in a parking lot it came in handy. I was able to recall the pimples, license plate, car, clothing, and color of his braces (the bands).


Interesting? My inlaws are hoarders and I have to fight to keep my husband from following suit.

Debbie Supplitt

Art in the Heart of course! (Downtown Vancouver) then a taco at WOODY's Yummers....


Hmmm...dream job? I'm doing it. Wife and mom. Weekend plans? Get to go pick my kids up from church camp tomorrow. They've been gone for a week and though I've loved the free time, I can't wait to see them! I am blessed beyond measure :)

lori smith

Interesting.... How about a confession. I believe that God places people in your life for reasons. He loans them to you for the time you need them or for the amount of time they need you. Some Stay with you for a very long time and some you only get to enjoy for a short while. I have been very blessed I live in Bella Italy with a fantastic husband and I have two very wonderful boys. I have had the chance to have soooooooooo many wonderful people come in and out of my life I should feel complete. But this morning my confession is I miss my Summit view family!! The wonderful people that God put in my life to teach me about him and give me hope I miss you terribly...

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