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August 04, 2011



Damn that purple elephant is cute!!! =) I'm wearing all purple today, hat, shirt, skirt, purple converse... I feel like a grape!

Carisa Cairns

My Gram has been like a mother to me since my own passed when I was very young. She's always had my back, and she's never been shy about setting me straight. Since 18, I've been living all over the U.S. and sometimes overseas. I don't get to see her much; maybe once a year or every few years- but we talk at least once a week. Over the years, she's lost her independence and has had to spend a lot of time confined to her home until it's convenient for other family members to make some time for her. Could you spoil her a bit with one of your bright, cheery pieces that might remind her of me and how much I love and miss her?


Claims adjustor by day and glass artist (and whatever strikes my fancy) by night and weekend!


Two years ago I traded in my elementary teaching job to stay home with my now 2 & 6 year old. I love being home with my kiddies, and I have had time to pursue my love of all things art! As much as I love being home...I taught for 12 years, so I do miss my "other kids" too! :)


Hey there! I'm a homemaker for my husband of 21 years and my two boys ( 12 and 15). We've lived in Eastern WA for 16 years now, but I spent many of my growing up years in Vancouver. I love your art...it's fun, whimsical, bright, and inspiring. Thanks for the chance to win! Elizabeth


I'm a stay at home mom to 3 boys, 11,7,and 3yrs old in Iowa City, Iowa. Wife to a very good man- my high school sweetheart! I'm also a mixed media artist, who along with my mom and sister make up Things With Wings. (http://thingswithwingsartjournal.blogspot.com) Don't remember how or which one of us first discovered your work - it's been a while ago now! But we've all been fans ever since! We, Things With Wings, designed a new line for Demdaco of wall art and home decor items called "This Thing Called Family" that debuted this past January. We're only just getting started with this new adventure, and can't wait to show everybody what's in the works for next year!


Hey Michelle ! I am a medical biller but would much rather be arting it up all day ! I love to collage and journal .. anything that requires cutting, pasting and getting my hands covered in paint :) I also am an avid reader - books and magazines of all types ... and of course am addicted to reading blogs like yours !
Hope you are having a great day !

Kimmy Davis

I'm a stay-at-home mom. I also do arts and crafts and love "whimsical" things. My brother saw your Pink Girl Bank in a gift shop and bought it for me. It made me smile at a time when I needed it. For Christmas that year, he bought me the Klassic Kitty bank and I fell instantly in love. Now I have a collection of 5 banks (Sun, Checkers Cat and Chicken.) I also bought a trinket box earlier this summer.

Your work, along with some other artists, have inspired me to start making collages and "art journaling." At almost 36, I'm learning something new; I never took any art classes in school, but I'm having a blast with this new way to express myself.


Right now, I spend my day trying to stay cool ... one heat advisory after another! So, I crocheted today. Finished a scarecrow! Perhaps if I think hard enough on cool weather, some will venture in!


By day I work for a mortgage company - by evening I'm super wife (you know the 3 Cs - cooking, cleaning, and crafting). I kind of live for the weekends where my time is mine and I can sleep in and create and have adventures at will :)

Debbie Supplitt

Howdy Partner,
When I'm not splashing around in my acrylics, or inhaling my Encaustic wax, I spend most of my mental time decluttering the house. Now if I can get the mental practice into physical action I'd have the house cleaned. However I must think about this a bit more and watch an episode of "HOARDERS". That should spring me into action! Oh and yea, that lesson plan/Art teaching thing I do during the year. Time to go procrastinate. Better yet, I go fire up the waxing tray.

Natalie Briney

I deal with finance on a day to day basis. I like to paint and spend time with my kiddies/hubby as much as i can.


I love your blog, the color is inspiring. I am retired (58) worked for the same company 35 years, so I deserve to be retired. I make art or something arty everyday. 1 grown daughter, 1 small dog, and 1 husband. The one husband has been married to me for 38 years, (a child bride),somedays I think I should trade him in for two (30 year olds) lol. I would love to win, because I love your art

Tammy M

hey michelle you lovely thing you!!well I stay at home with my two kiddos. Run their therapy programs, cook their special diets and try not to go crazy...summer this year is long. And not in a good way. I try to stay positive and full of gratitude even though autism stays full time at our house. I love your blog and your generous kind heart!! (and still laugh about your opinon about your hair!) teehee!!your art and products are so awesome! Love ya!! xoxox Tam

angie kelly lewis

im an art teacher! :)

Wendy Ellis

Hi Michelle! I'm a nurse and work in the areas to do with births..and death some days. My most memorable patients are those that lose their babies as I have the honor of walking that heart wrenching road with them in the first hours. I recently discovered your art and I completely love it! I log on whenever I have a minute and get joy and inspiration from your work! I have 4 great kids, and two are leaving me for college in 4 weeks )-: Thanks for your work! Wendy


I forgot to say I have an awesome Husband and four beautiful (most days) children and two dogs :)

Kym Hunter

I'm a payroll manager by day and I try to squeeze in some form of creativity on evenings and weekends. I'm looking forward to retirement, so I'll have more time for my creative ventures.


PS - Thanks to Michelle for the gift to my sister today. I must say ~ it truly made her week and maybe month. On the super good side, she is telling the world about it, so maybe you will pick up some more fans and some business to boot! ALso, thanks Gail for the kind words :)


Hi, I am a teacher trying to convince young people to be the best they can be in spite of world affairs.


Hey Michelle,
This is such a fun idea. I should try it on my blog. I did it for my e-course and it was a huge hit.

Anyway, I work as a registered nurse with mom's and babies a couple of days a week. Today I worked with 3 different moms and they all had brand new twins!! Eeeeks! Then I'm not working, I stay home with my boys and make art, dream and play as much as possible.


I am a Certified Business Tax Official and an Administrative Assistant for a small beach town during the day - jewelry designer and runner the rest of the time! I can't wait until the day I retire, and I can spend ALL my time creating and running!!


I have 2 girls that I have the priveledge of helping to raise, I get to live in a glorious place & sell real estate with my family by day, I'm very active in our local Fire Departments as a volunteer fire fighter and first responder... One of my passions is creating, there just never seems to be enough time... I love reading your blog!


I'm a SAHM, artist, and critter keeper. I'm kept busy with 2 kids and our menagerie of animals! In fact, one of our ducks is hatching out ducklings! Our family keeps getting bigger.

I live in central Wisconsin and love it *grins*

My dream is to publish the book I'm writing and license my artwork in a line of stationary.


Lively and interesting picture and article is quite uplifting.I like it very much.

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