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August 04, 2011


Beth Stradling

Hi Michelle,
I'm a children ministry director at a church in PA near Pittsburgh.
I love your style and designs. :)
beth stradling

Melissa Irvin

Michelle, I am an Account Manager for a company based in Watertown, MA. I have the privilege of working from home. The only negative aspect of working from home is that you can't escape it - let me check my e-mails really quick, I just need to finish one more thing... UGH!


Hi There! I am a newbie SAHM as I recently stopped working to take care of my daughter. I have 3 kids...2 boys and 1 girl. My daughter and I love anything crafty!!! Just found your blog and LOVE it. Thank you for the chance to win.


I'm FryeStyle! Mom and Wife. Artist by day and night. Teacher. Pattern Designer. Blogger. Volunteer. My favorite color is red. I like chocolate everyday and martinis on the weekend. Lipstick is my favorite make-up, and I totally dig being a redhead. I have a very happy laugh. You'll never see me without jewelry on, unless I'm in the garden. And Michelle, I love your style! Your art ROCKS!

Lisa Thiessen

I wear many hats during the day. During the school year, I'm a special ed assistant who specializes in working with kids with autism. In a chunk of the year I do respite for families with kids who have disabilities. When I can, I design quilt patterns. I'm also a Mom, a wife, and someone who is currently writing a training program for people who want to do Home Share or Respite care for people with disabilities. And I do lots and LOTS of crafts. Oh, and web design, and speed skater and coach....and....

Victorious Vixen

I spend my day with my 2 small girls, my sewing machine & my computer! Love your artwork & I really hope to win this one!! =)

Maria Grimes

I make little works of art you can wear!
I'm a lampwork bead artist.
I spend my day in my home studio, melting glass rods over a torch.
I love my job! The best part is spending it with my Chihuahua, Molly. She is such a hoot!
Maria xo
Garden Path Beads

Lori Smith

Well.... I have been a follower of the man of my dreams for 20+ years. He brought me to beautiful Itlay and here I decided to get my First "Big Girl" job working for the Federal Gov after 20 some odd years of waiting tables. My youngest child is going to leave the nest here next week and move back to the states which makes my heart break a little. 7000 miles of seperation is going to be tough. I'm sending him your way in hopes that the village it takes to raise them will be willing to help ( Ms Traci Kelly Hint Hint) The Artist in me lives vicariously through you and others with talent like yours. The only artistic talents i have are in the kitchen however the family doesn't seem to mind!! :0)


Hi Michelle ~

Annette, here : )
I'm working for CYT now as their CYT @ School Coordinator in SW Wash.
And otherwise, I'm running my 3 children hither-thither-and-fro to their, mostly dramatic, activities or youthgroups.
Also, I like to eat cookies. So I occaisionally run to not feel too bad about it, and can still wear my clothes... that's me: )


Hi Michelle-I don't remember how I found your blog. Pre-kids I was an Art Teacher and I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration. So I love to read artsy blogs and often follow links to discover more great artists. I love your work and find it very inspiring! Anyhow, currently I am a stay at home mama to 3 little monkeys (5, 2 1/2 and 3 months old). I also volunteer my time with a non-profit support group for moms. I can't wait for the days when I can get back to my own art full time.

robin west

I'm a retired art teacher and have returned to painting. My day isn't complete until I've done a little something with paint. I have an awesome husband and a crazy Aussie. I live in the desert an hour from Mexico, love all things mexican, especially the day of the dead and have colllected Mexican folk art for 30 years. Life is good.

Darcy Haberl

I am a high school teacher in Vancouver, but used to live in Battle Ground. I have a funny story for you--a friend of mine was in Germany and saw one of your clocks, fell in love with it and bought it. When she got home she saw it was made in Battle Ground! She was so surprised as it was her souvenir from Germany. I told her about your blog and I think she is now reading it too.


I spend a lot of time with my granddaughters...I'm the legal guardian and am trying to help their mom make better choices.

April Cole

Hello Michelle, almost miss your site tonight, busy day!
I am an self employed artist / instructor.


I am an IT nerd who volunteers in dachshund rescue. I wish I had your artistic talents but creativity is not one of my strong points!

Island Cottage Art and Design

Great choice for the winner!


I love this question, might have to borrow it for my blog too! I'm a Speech-Language Pathologist by day and a ceramic pendant/bead artist slash jewelry designer by night :)


A mom and a grandmother, who runs the house and watches her grandson, so her daughter can work and finish school. I volunteer at school and am on the PTA executive committee (spending summer planning school year). I laugh with family and friends and try and find time to myself very rarely, too many other exciting things going on. I'm creative and a great listener. I try and fund joy in life and share it with others.

Laurie Miller

Hey Michelle - As always, I love reading your blog and keeping up on your art adventures. You inspire me with your accomplishments. I am a mom with 2 adult children who have moved out and 2 teenagers still at home. I work as an executive assistant at the local community college by day and run my art business on evenings and weekends. Some say I am crazy - I say, no - the art business keeps me from being crazy! My dream is to have my work licensed, to own an working gallery/gift shope - maybe someday. In the meantime . . .I keep things moving forward, if only an inch at a time!

Shannon Sawyer

I am over the moon excited about winning. I was able to order one of the "Breaking Free" canvases for my own wall. Thank you so, so much for the $50 shopping spree. I feel so fortunate to have won. BTW, love the dreads!


Oh I love this blog! Your items are so cool. Especially the little owl clock in this post... adorable! I'm a busy full time working mom of 2 girls who also sells card designs on Etsy (lissylee77.etsy.com) I'm a pretty crafty person but your works are amazing. Well done!

Michelle Hayden

Hey Michelle~
I'm Michelle and I LOVE your work. I am an artist as well as an instructional assistant in elementary school for two autistic boys. I also have 2 boys of my own. Your work is truly and inspiration for me:) Thanks!

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