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August 04, 2011


S.L. ReaLy

Your blog was the first one I ever started to read, from here I continue to find more and more inspiring people. I am an artist trapped inside an office managers body by day and at night I try to explore my creative side every chance I get!!! Thank you for continuing to inspire me and I'm sure others!!!!

Jenni Haynes

I am a mother of 2, who works at a middle school. Everyday I strive to be a better person than I was the day before!

Tiffany Eneas

Hi Michelle,
Tiffany Eneas here! I am mostly home with my girls,
But working my own business from home.


I work for a greeting card company and discovered you and your wonderful line at AmericasMart last summer. I've been a fan ever since!

Amy C

I am a full time 911 Dispatcher and mom of an 8 year old and two black labs. I am a part time single mom because my husband is a barge pilot and is gone two weeks straight each month. I stay super busy with keeping up with our daughter, the house, the dogs, and our yard with acreage. I love when I get to squeeze in exercise, art, or decorating time.


I work in a shop......BORIN'!! I have a daughter called Jamie,she is 21 an' at Uni studyin' Forensic Science. I have a tabby cat called Mouse....she is ma baby! :)


I dropped the whole corporate thing last October after 16 years.
If it wasn't for the support of my wonderful hubby it wouldn't have been possible.
I'm a stay at home wife and enjoy it so far. I knit, spin, cuddle cats, do laundry, play, cuddle some more cats, teach others to knit, spin or crochet, cook, cuddle the cats again.
This resulted in happy cats, a happy husband, a happy wife and more time for us during the weekend :-)


Mousey is ma baby....if I say that about Jamie she'll crack up! She hates wen I say that! Hahahaha! Oh.... an'.....PLEASE LET ME WIN! :)


hmmm... cheers!
i am a mom of 2, with our youngest starting kindergarten this month! life is beautiful and i am so grateful to be an artist myself and have artist friends...i am so grateful for my sweet family and hubby whom we will be celebrating our 15 years together this fall! oh and i need to be running more often :-) hugs and a good cup of coffee to you!!


Hmm...well as you know, I am a mixed media artist, so alot of my day is spent in my studio working on various projects-either marking art or writing about art or both. I also write for the Canadian Multiple Sclerosis Society's someonelikeme.ca website, which is a brand new site launched in May 2011 aimed at meeting the needs of younger people, ages 15-25 who've been diagnosed with MS. I write blog posts (articles) about my experiences LIVING with this disease. I enjoy mentoring.

I am a newly minted "empty nester" as our son is 20 and has "moved out"-he now rents the downstairs and comes and goes as he pleases. My husband and I are enjoying this new phase of our lives. We spend alot of time outdoors exploring the wilds of British Columbia with our 3 year old black Lab, Indiana Jones. (Indy)

I can see how yesterday's entries made it hard to choose a winner. If I win today, I am still going to give it to my friend.

Susan Wallace

I am the grammie to 10 ADORABLE grandchildren and I ADORE your stuff!!! I love your wit and your whimsey. I have your chef clock hanging in my kitchen and it has been the subject of much conversation with the grands! I work in technology by day and dabble in art by night (there's only so much techno babble one can stand in a day!!!) I would LOVE a shopping spree so I could share your talents with my friends!!!


First, let me say I think you made the perfect pick for yesterday's winner! I hope winning will help encourage Staci's sister.
I am a paraeducator in a middle school autism classroom by day and a college student by evening. I returned to college a few years ago and am now getting ready to go to nursing school to become an RN. My most important role, however, is grammy to my two beloved grandchildren!


I am a mother of four, three girls, one boy, ages 7, 10, 11 and 14. I struggle with trying to start my own business with my art...sometimes it seems easier to just give up on that dream than to continue to try to pursue it. I envy that you have been able to make a career out of it so I follow your blog because it inspires me to not give up on my dreams.


self-employed artist that was doing mosaics but reinventing myself as a fiber artist!


I am a mommy of 2 - and I saw in an earlier post that someone's youngest is going to Kindergarten later this month...my oldest is going to Kindergarten this month. I'm preparing myself to be the mom of a school age child! Luckily I'll still have one at home to make my days interesting.
I am also a part time librarian. I love everything about my job...but my favorite parts are recommending books to people and having them come back and tell me they loved them.
Spare time...lets see...when i have some of that, I like to craft..I'll try anything. I do woodcarving, wire and beaded jewelry making, dabble in knitting and sewing clothes and costumes for my kids...whatever strikes me as fun that day! I also enjoy running and working out in general with the ladies I work with...we're great motivators for each other.
i honestly don't remember how i came across your blog...but your beautiful art and your spirit keep me coming back. :)


Mom, maker, lover of my family & art and the planet.

Julie Kanehl

Hi Michelle! I discovered your work in a shop in Sarasota and have been a huge fan ever since!

I'm a freelance writer with dreams of writing all of my ideas into a novel someday! I've written some children's stories that I'm hoping to have published! I just had my second daughter last month and I'm blessed to be able to work from home so that I can watch each eyelash grow in!

Vicki Takata

I am an expert at "puttering"- I start a lot of things but rarely finish anything... your blog is a lot like my day- a little of this and a little of that- I love puttering!


I'm mother of two and Children Illustrator :)
I love what I do and all the art expressions that is why I follow you!!

Sherry Williamson

I work full-time in the child welfare field by day & I am an artist by night. I paint quirky colorful pet portraits & donate 20% of the proceeds to my favorite animal rescue. My art business is called Meow Bark Art. I can't remember what I googled that brought me to your "36 things post" but I fell in love with that idea, your art & was surprised to see we share a birthday.

Baylee Smith

I am a sibling of 12 kids in our family. I babysit my sibilings alot and love to hang out with them all the time. I am so happy to have a family like the one I have. I love your art and it just matches what I love to draw.

Kellie Lund

A year ago I had a complete meltdown and had to quit working in our family business. Now my daughter works and I watch my wonderful grandson. He's almost two and an absolute joy. So I play all day and change diapers. Read stories. Color. Drive dirt bikes. Cuddle. Good times.


I am a SAHM to two toddlers. I sew and create patterns which I sale on etsy and I generally stay busy. As a former special education teacher I find it hard to sit still!


Greetings! I am a SAHM who has many interests! I enjoy making
cards, collages, etc., with my friends! Reading and learning new
things is also important to me! Another fun thing is decorating
our home with eclectic artwork and special findings...
Many thanks, Cindi


Hey Michelle,
I'm a Graphic Designer for a small firm in Minnesota, a suburb of Minneapolis. I paint and blog, draw, go to yoga, walk the bear, hang with fam and friends, and travel with my hubby... life is so good. I dream of doing my art FULL time like you! I love to dream...
I would love to own a art gallery/coffee shop, have my own illustration card line, write an inspirational book and sell my subruban square of grass and live in the woods by a lake.
Thanks for the opportunity again!

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