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August 02, 2011


Natalie Briney


This is still my fav, ever since i saw it on your blog, i've never been able to get it out of my mind


my three year old likes the ornaments; it is much more difficult for me to decide. I love the vibrant and happy colors!


Its so hard to choose, they are all my favorites.... but right now I really want an owlet dangling doodling and the pink octopus wall clock!


i love love love the new octopus clock. i am gonna order it!

Elizabeth Grandon

I would love to have to oh so vintage mix it up clock in my to me new house!! My friends are loving the link on Facebook!


Love it all, but especially the OWL soap spitter!!!

For the Love...

mermaid clock!!


Owl clocks - already have one and owl soap spitters!! Must have!!

Vicki Takata

Love that owl soap spitter- or anything owl!!!!

Nelly Eisenhower

OMG the new stuff is awesome! I am not sure if I like the Mix it up clock or the Ruby soap spitter better. Just wonderful new product.


Frog soap sputter... my kitchen is even green


The frog soap sputter to match my green kitchen


I saw my favorite piece of your artwork, while visiting your studio for an interview for the Reflector...my favorite piece of your artwork EVER...is the Flowerteaful Painting.

However,my other favorites are pieces I already own: my snowman holding his bunny is a year round figure on my desk and I love the mini storage box/like a tiny house (also on my writing desk) that holds paperclips and such.

Now, if it has to be something I don't have, it would be the the crabby clock or the cup of jane clock.

Does that answer the question of the day? I hope so because I would love to be the lucky winner.

Hope you are well.

Debbie J.

I LOVE the Chef Soap Spitter!!


Again, everything is soo good! It's undeniable the uniqueness of each piece!! :) I shared with my tweeps :)

Kelli Smith

Rooster clock! Want one in my kitchen or in my "chicken" as Xia says.


Ok... I love your originals (but don't they all start that way?) ESP Love First... BUt HOW cute are your dangling doodlings??? AdORAble!! Love those too...


Love your clocks!

Jodie Smith

OMGosh.........I really like the new "Carpe Diem (Vivid)", "Buckley" is adorable, hmmmmmm "Cuckoo Bird Clock", the "Fly Bird", oh yeah love "Roaring Rex".....but today my fav is the new "MIX IT UP" - you have such a great imagination. Wannem all! Thank you!


What fun and eclectic art items you have! I adore the "Puppy Dog"
Clock. Our Daisy resembles the clock a lot...
Many thanks to you!

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