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August 13, 2011



They look stinkin adorable on you! Love them. Keep them. (At least until you're ready to do something else even more daring and fun!)


I am so surprised- I couldn't imagine you'd love dreads. They are just so very cute! What fun. And I like the color you have. I have a friend here who's a dread artist and I look at her salon pics all the time. They are so much fun. Yu can dye them fun colors. Love the headband look.

Kellie Lund

So cute on you!!!

Lee Ann

I think they fit you perfectly!!!!!!


At least you have hair to do that to... Gary and I don't have hair to worry about it.


And you got highlights too! I think they look fun, artistic, and light-hearted. You only live once...glad you did it, Michelle. You look cute! And happy! Just think of all the funky hair accessories you could use too as an accent. Maybe you should design some!

Janne Robberstad

Hey! It´s another star on your cool-o-meter! Looks so good on you. Love the last picture, you´re just the cutest! Cool-cute!


Ha ha, I like you :)
Funny crazy Michelle!


Hey Michelle I'm 55 and I LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!! I can always spot an artist when they have dreads!! I think they are the coolest. Wish I had the guts... KNOTTY BOY has a product line to care for them! Post more on people reaction!! Can't wait!! YOU GO GIRL!! LOL Oh, did I forget to say you look awesome with them!!!

Hugs Giggles


Wow!! thats great. I've thought off and on about dreads since loving Emily Falconbridges for years. I just don't think they would look that great on me personally and the whole cutting them off thing at the end freaks me out. It takes my hair forever to grow. They are flattering on you!


Yeah...what Gail said!!


I love them!!!!


It's JUST hair! It will grow back and who cares? Though perhaps I have a different perspective because I had chemo in 2009 and had to cut mine super short to stop it from falling out completely....I like it-it's quirky, in a good way. Why the hell not?!?


Wowza Michelle!!! You look amazing. I really love them. Awesome for you to follow through on something you've been wanting for a while. I've always wanted to do a streak of some crazy bright color in my hair. I'm a nurse (not allowed) and my husband (also conservative as far as looks go) would freak out. Maybe I'll do something for my 40th in 5 months.

Island Cottage Art and Design

I LOVE THEM! I have (secretly) wanted them for a long time, but am afraid my children would send
me to the local psyche ward. So for now, I will live vicariously through you.

Cheers to your new do!


LOL~! cute~! and very very brave

Tonya Gray

Aw, I've been wanting dreds for so long. They look awesome!
Share your stories with us as you venture out in the world...

April Cole

Very cute... love it! :]


You look adorable and totally pull them off!!! Good job for taking that leap of faith! You inspire me!

Montse Puigjané

I think you look so funny and adorable!!! I hate my hair tto and sometimes I thought about do it too... Perhapas I'll do it soon!!!!

A big hug!

Jodie Smith

Nope. Love your hair the way it was. You can do anything though and get away with it. You are too darn cute! You could get away with a pixie cut.

Jeannie P

Though only "know" you thru your blog, they suit you to a tee! An artist with an artist's doo...perfect! Adorable to boot!

Amber Jacobs

I love dreads! I was contemplating getting some of my own, somehow I ended up with a pixie cut instead? :P
They look absolutely adorable on you! I love them! And I love that you now LOVE your hair! :)

Cheryl  Bakke Martin

Good on ya', girl! Looks too cute on you. You're kind of like Meg Ryan that way.....you could shave your head and still be cute. This is how I feel when I have my hair purple....just feels right...and I LOVE it. Always go for the LOVE feeling!

collette schildkraut

you go girl!!!!!!

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