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July 28, 2011


Shirley Williams

I absolutely love your clocks. I would adore having one of my own. Your work is whimsical and beautiful. I'm glad you are back to blogging, but I really am glad that you do what you do so well. I will always be following your blog unless you shut it down.


I'm looking forward to this! Yay!


This is exciting news!


I'm sure it's a crazy time for you guys... but I'll love reading and seeing more of you on here!


you haven't lost us...we've been eagerly anticipating your return! :)


yippee! can't wait!

Amber Jacobs

Ohh! I'm excited! :) And I haven't gone anywhere, just been awaiting your return. :)

Melissa Irvin

You haven't lost any of the faithful! I hope I win something! Woohoo!! xoxo


EEKKK! So fun! What a way to start the month. I love reading your blog and checking out your super talented self! Looking forward to Monday. :)


You haven't lost me. I'd be so excited to win!


Yay!! Someone is going to be VERY lucky!!! (Fingers crossed and looking heavenward!)

Congrats on the closing. That is going to be a fantastic working environment.


YeeHaw! What fun! Count me in!


what do we have to do to win? i cant wait!

Kate D

sweet. :) no worries...been having a bit of a blog hiatus myself...'tis summer afterall!

Tammy M

hello!! Have been very absent from the blog world myself. Tried to post today, but I guess blogger is having some major problems! Hope my comment will come thru :o) I would be freaking out if I win!! MONKEY CLOCK! Here I come! LOL!! xoxxo Missed you michelle! hope your summer has been awesome so far! {{hugs}} Tam


uao! wonderful!

Lisa B.

Squueeee! Exciting stuff I'd say! :). Hugs, Lis


Michelle this is so exciting... You should participate in "Paint Party Friday" tomorrow, they would love your art, and you can pick up a few more readers! You are such an inspiration, and there is so much talent on that site that would love the opportunity to win some of your art!

Hugs Giggles

Jennifer Elliott

I think you are awesome! You totally inspire me...wish you all the luck in the world. Nameste!

Natalie Briney

I'm still here!!

Kim Seistrup

Congratulations Michelle! You're give sways rock, would love to win your stuff!


NO WAY, theres no way of you loosing me.... still here xox :)

Sherry Williamson

Oh you haven't lost me- whenever you are "away" I just wonder what wonderful things you must be making & I can't wait to see them!

Jodie Smith

Yippeee! Glad you are back!


Eeeeks!!! I so want that little owl spitter (^o^) Hoot!

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