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May 30, 2011


April Cole

This is great... you lucky gal! :]
I love the color too.

Patti Gelinas

just what I have been looking for right color and everything LOL...your a lucky girl..


Love the Michelle-color on it :-) Why donĀ“t you do a Top-10 list of your favorite books on it?


Makes me laugh that you call it "vintage"...I was a public school teacher up until about four years ago, and we used those library carts all the time. I LOVE the idea of using it at home for art and crafting books...fun! It IS a great color.


Vintage can mean, "actually holding that many books without falling apart". :-) That's so cute. Love the color.

For the Love...

I have to agree, I like the color too. I could use that in my studio as a utility cart for many art supplies, GREAT find.


Whoa! You are one lucky thrifter. It is more than awesome and the color could not be more perfect!

Kim Santini

I can see something as yummy as your library cart hanging in my studio, too - what a great idea! I adore that color - did you paint it yourself? it's fab!!


Loved it since the day you brought it home... so I'm thinking that might not fit in your new studio and may just have to come live in mine! :-)


ooh *swoon* that is a real score! I'd be tickled pink to find one of those.

meg duerksen

i love it.
and have you seen this???? http://www.artonglobes.com/globes.html
your globe reminded me of it....
how could you not love it??


perfect and so is that color!

Sunny Carvalho

LOL....All roads lead to the Sweet Michelle! I was doing a search on Lisa Kaus' art and what did I find but a blog post from 2008 about a class you took from her! I really did laugh because that happens all the time! We obviously either travel in the same circles or sure have similar taste! Have a lovely day, my dear!!

Isabel Eaton

A true treasure!!!!:O)

Valerie H

I have cart envy! That is so cool! I wonder if I walked out of the library with one if they would notice? ; -)


I was thinking that maybe i could smuggle one out of the public library i work in...It's a thought...and a great home bookshelf!

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