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May 16, 2011


Amy Peters

Call if you wanna chat. And remember He's always with you sweetie!

Shelly Massey

Hi Michelle! I definitely have those days. For me, sometimes the artist job has a tendency to make me feel a bit lonely because I know I'm the only one who can really make my artistic decisions. Lots and lots of 'em. OH, that and the fact that I'm alone at home A LOT. LOL! :) Hugs to you!

Karin  Canazzi

Oh I feel that way lots...but I usually avoid my craft cottage and just sit and stew. So cool that you reached out! Be gentle with yourself, there are
a lot of changes going on in your life right now.

For the Love...

Yes I do... that's why I love reading blogs, although most of the time I don't comment, blog surfing helps. We have moved several times in a short time span (my husbands job), so my favorite blogs help me to disconnect the lonely feeling. And yes, your blog is one of my favorites.... it makes me smile with all the color you use in your art.

April Cole

Oh... your very welcome! :]
Your too sweet to pass up & your site is too delightful, not to visit!!


Have you started making the Christmas ornaments already? The little red things look like they could be part of something very fun for a christmas three. Maybe it´s the shade of red...
Yes, I have those days. If it gets too bad, it´s usually an indicator of that I have too much too do or it´s been to long since I´ve eaten broccoli... Seriously. You know how chocolate has this enzyme that makes you happy. I think broccoli has the same thing. An anti-depressant. Doorbell. Breakfast! 17th of May! National day. Gotta celebrate! C U!

rita maria

your work and website are wonderful! i wish on days like this i could go drop by with some snacks and we could work together :)

Debbie Supplitt

aaaaaarrrrrgh matey.....time to go see a PIRATE Movie!!!! A dose of Johnny always makes me thankful that he's in my world of fantasy....


I love the way your photos are even quirky! :) Sending you lots of good thoughts over the ocean, know you are loved my friend!

Tammy M

{{BIG SQUISHY HUG}} so thankful for you! you are cherished and loved! You are funny and great! you are so talented and full of gifts that you freely give out! I am Blessed to know you! Kick that Mr. Lonely to the curb!! you just helped me do it! LOL!! Aww look at his sad face sitting out there on the curb while you laugh at him! Haha! feels good right?? Oh yeah did I mention Im a tad unstable and this is week 3 of no hubby help! Thats why Im talking to Mr. lonely! :o)teehee. Hope I cheered you up my friend!


Can you feel the danish hugs flying to you:) oh how I know the feeling you have. xox


I hear ya. Sometimes I can feel most alone in a room full of people, strangely enough. Sometimes you just get tired of hearing yourself think too.

Put on some happy tunes, crank them up and sing along. Maybe you need some good stuff in the mailbox. Email me your addy. :)


It's not always easy being an artist, or a person standing on this crazy planet for that matter. ((hugs)))

And I relate to what Shelly said too.

It's nice to use to our blogs to reach out, do a little hand holding, share what's special in our part of the world. It's a tiny bit of creating our natural tribe again.

Lori Carey

Oh how I wish we could create together. Sometimes I think I'm too much of an extrovert to be an artist! But then again, if I'm not creating, I'm going nuts, so therein lies a dilemma!

meg duerksen

that is a huge reason why i blog!!!
i can go for days with out seeing another grown up .....but with blogging it feels like you talk to people all day.
even though you don't.
and you don't know them.
and it's silent.
but i love the communication.

what in the world are those red balls?!

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