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May 17, 2011



That's a lovely vignette.

Karin  Canazzi

Like it all but the frame is so cool...gotta get to IKEA soon!

Melissa Irvin

Ok, how have I missed your last three, YES THREE, posts?? That stinks!!

My daddy didn't let me date until I was 16. I'm sure that tradition would continue if we had a child.

I feel bad that you were down and I wasn't there to encourage you! I'm glad you are feeling better.

Your treasures are awesome! Makes me think about my own treasures; a cross necklace my daddy brought my mom from Vietnam, the last "receipt" my daddy wrote out to me for car maintenance he did just before I got married, my granny's old bonnet, a handkerchief my mom-in-law gave me from when they lived in France in the early 60s. Gosh, I haven't really thought about treasures until your post. Thank you for the kick in the pants!

April Cole

This is such a lovely treasure!
I adore the cup :] Really cool.
I myself, would place paint brushes in something like that as well.
Thank you for sharing.
Made me smile.

Annia (MaPetiteBowtique)

Hey girl!
I missed the part in which you said you felt lonely! Cheer up! You are never lonely; you have lots of cute little things around you and a lot of readers who love you!

Big kiss,


The styling is great. Isn´t this what is called an "eclectic style"? If you ever become tired of designing (I know you probably won´t) you could start a career as an interior architect and stylist. My favorite is your lady. She´s the one that stands out in a crowd, and makes the ensemble special. Have a lovely day, my friend!


I like seeing your treasures. Love the wild things you put in the vase's hair and the angle of her arms. Thanks for sharing. :-)

I bought a Geninne print for my mother who has more bird feeders than anyone I know. I've been enjoying her blog for a few years now. What a life she lives.


Ooh I like that frame!! I haven't been to IKEA in awhile. I might need to go pick some of those up. I want to do wall of kids art in my kids room. Those might work well or at least I'd find something at IKEA. Love Geninne's art work. She does beautiful watercolor paintings.

Sunny Carvalho

Hi, Michelle! I haven't checked in for a few days so I was so surprised to see my dolls in the earlier post! Ha! Thanks for the shout out...Super sweet!! I hope you are feeling better since your last post. I hate that feeling. One more thing: I have a 16 year old as well...it's sooooo very hard to let them try their wings at being "grown up"! I'm also a hold-out...we didn't allow dating before 16 either! She is going to Nicaragua next month on a mission trip. I hope I don't drive myself crazy worrying while she's gone! Talk to you soon!

Island Cottage Art and Design

I think it's the moon right now... last time it was full I realized all of the boys and men I came into contact with were CRAZY! This time it's me and the girls acting too sensitive. It could also be that your little girl is growing up, I know it makes me melancholy when they hit a special age. And my rule is 16 too!


Ahhh..I love personal treasures. Thank you for sharing. That girl vase is too cute and LOVING the rounded frame. I didn't see those the last time I was at IKEA. I'll have to look next time. And...everyone needs some time to "whine." I don't think it is whining...it's sharing, being real, and venting. So thank you for your honesty & big hugs to you!! :)

Tamara Bako

I love that frame from IKEA too! (I have to admit...at first I thought it was a tray.) (I am so observant!).... :P
I am making the husband dust off my sewing machine so that I can do some stuff while I am "mending". Get my mind off of things....
As for you daughter, boyfriend & prom...man, it's tough...isn't it? You want so much for them and you worry what direction they will take...but then you have to put yourself in their shoes and remember what it was like when M&D were telling you how to live your life (at least, mine were telling me how to BREATHE and it did a number on my esteem!). Just take comfort that they have you as a role model and they do choose according to your influences & values(sometimes not what you want....lol) I remembered that all too well from my parents and took it as a lesson learned of how not to treat this human called "my child"....and I am pleased with my daughter. She's very talented, musically & artwise...she is her own person (she's never been into relationships...so a grandmother I will never be...oh well, ce la vie!) She does want more for her life...but she's making her own way and doing her own thing and I have never, nor will I ever, cast desparage on her choices...they are hers - not mine) I give advice when asked... I love her more than I can express and am proud to call her daughter.

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