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May 27, 2011


Tammy M

I was seriously tempted to try it. I am bad at following through though, so I wasn't sure. haha! your food comment makes me laugh. It might work, as long as you don't start to do the woman thing and multitask...sketchbook WHILE stuffing face.! LOL! you are beautiful, just shove in the good stuff :o) Im pretty sure I meant to type healthy. haha! xoxxo T.


I am thinking about doing it. My Friend Penn just mentioned it to me last night.

April Cole

Great project! :]
I signed up & sent off the 2011 sketchbook, lots of fun!!!
I also receive... text messages each time my sketchbook is opened, and that is exciting :]
No regrets.
Happy Friday!!

Jen Osborn

I've tried to do it in the past, and fallen flat ... BUT ... I keep trying with better intentions each go round.
I'm going to give it a try again this time, and hope that I have the momentum to get to the finish line. Maybe we can all encourage each other to keep at it?



Just signed up! Thanks for passing this along!

Happy Creating!

Debbie Supplitt

I want to go to Seattle and see the 2011 tour.

Tamara Bako

I am signing up for this project! I think it will be a great motivator to get me back into sketching/art. I feel like a dried up prune when it comes to my creativity. I think, since this has parameters I'll be able to incite my creative juices to flow! I think this is really a cool idea! Going to share with my daughter! Thanks!


I signed up! My sketbook will be on its way shortly. Can't wait! :)

Nic Hohn

So glad you signed up Michelle...my sketchbook is on my desk. I'm warming up to start my first page. I think I have blank canvas syndrome!

collette schildkraut

Yep I made myself sign up the other day. Well I filled out the form < then couldn't decide on a theme so it sits open on my computer. I'm just gonna do it!!!

Valerie H

Totally doing this! Thanks for posting about it. What an excellent idea. I always get inspired here. Now if only you could post more time on your blog so I can do it all ;-)

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