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May 20, 2011


Annia (MaPetiteBowtique)

Hehehe, cute illustrations! Is it you and your girls? Have a great weekend!



yeah that's true...i was so reluctant to start I.F because i thought it would be too much to do - now i'm really addicted to it and love it!!

Shelly Massey

Awesome, Michelle! Way to dive in! SO cute!! :)


This is great. I love IF. I haven't done it in awhile. I'll have to look what the prompt is today.


Opps hit the enter button too fast. I love your drawing. Thats exactly it. As long as you make art, its great!


L-O-V-E your approach to the theme. Pests in training! Ha, ha, ha... that just cracks me up!
Congrats on your first If.
Now I´ve gotta go make some metal-art! :-)

Melissa Irvin

I wish I could draw like you - you just whip it out!! When I paint I have to do a chalk outline. Otherwise, it is "what the heck is that" city! Hope you have an awesome weekend!!

Tammy M

you are so right my friend! I was thinking about that last night...how much time this week have I spent drooling over everyone elses blogs and art...then forgot to make any of my own! YIKES! I decided i need to set a timer for myself when Im online! LOVE this piece for illustration friday! Yay for you taking the step and just doing it!!hope you have an awesome weekend!!


This is great! Very fun! Can't wait to see what you come up with next! These little bugs may need a little book to tell their story. hehe. How's the house coming along?

Island Cottage Art and Design

Amen sister ~ you are preaching to the choir!


Love it!!!


I've been interested in Illustration Friday too! Maybe I'll give it a try. Your pests are so funny! :-)


You are so talented! Love it =)


I love it!!! It's like me and my two little boys!!! :)

Kimberly Roberts

great illustration!!! i just joined paint party friday and it is a great way to keep your inspiration going!

Erin Leigh

I was just thinking/battling/conflicted about this! Love it. I just need to get off the computer & create... Thanks Michelle. Adorable... as always!

Nic Hohn

I've been thinking about IF too...thanks for inspiring me to get going!


This post has been swirling in my head...I can't get it out. "If you say you wanna be an artist...then MAKE ART!" Thanks for the reminder.

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