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May 23, 2011


Kimberly Roberts

you work is so fun and inspiring!!!

Melissa Irvin

art journal making and techniques? ABSOLUTELY!
simple silk screening? MOST DEFINITELY!
more sculpting? FOR SURE!

I bet you have to pick don't you? That has to be hard!! I wish ArtFest was in ATL, GA!

A thought on the live painting for a charity - each year, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation has a Hope Gala with an auction (silent and live). It would be awesome to coordinate with them. JDRF is special to me because my niece was diagnosed at the age of 3 with type 1 diabetes.

Have an awesome week.

Valerie H

I love these pages! So colorful! It is a party on a page!

Amber Jacobs

My very first event was a live painting at a small festival here in my town. I was so scared at first but it turned out to be a really good time. I have seen and known plenty of artists who paint live and enjoy themselves immensely. The downtown area features a lot of side walk art strolls in which all the participants paint live. It was a great and unique experience. The only problem I found with myself was getting distracted and checking out all the vendors. :)
Good luck! I think you'll have a blast! :)

Amber Jacobs

p.s I really LOVE your art journals!

Tammy M

AWESOME Michelle!! I heard so many people say how much they loved your journal class!I would love to take on from you! Or a painting class too. Your layers facinate me, and it looks complicated. Don't know if that helps for artfest stuff, but just a thought. Oh, and I need your address for your little prize in the mail!! :o) xoxxo T!

April Cole

Just love your art journal pages... wow! :]
Full of color, playful patterns, and loaded with inspiring "artsy" illustrations.
Wonderful work, thank you for sharing.
Happy Monday!


Yes! Definitely. Journaling, sculpting AND silk screening! I've been wondering what you might do.

I just love your journals! So perfecting colorful and full of energy. I really like how you integrated your trades.


YES, YES, and YES...especially the sculpting! :) Maybe some canvas painting; the patterns and layers that turn into whole pictures that you SO wonderfully do!!

sissy sparrows

If I was ever able to attend artfest I would take your art journal course...I have loved your art journals of a few years now. It was actually how I found your site. That would be my pic.

Stine Maansen

Your pages are amazing! I allways end up looking at them again and again, so colorfull and playfull!
I've startet artjournaling resently and your creativity inspires me to try new things :-)

Nelly Eisenhower

I would love to take some handmade journals with you next year! And of course more sculpting classes!

I know I have seen YouTube video of Jesse Reno doing live paintings.

Your journals are so bright, I just love them.

Kim Santini

Michelle, I do live paints all the time, and they are even better when a charity is involved. Because I also do commissions, I pledge a percentage of any commissions booked at a charity event back to the charity as well. It's a total win - I'm out doing what I love, people are out supporting a cause they believe in, and together we make a difference. GO FOR IT!!


Fun, fun, fun! I wanna art-journal with you! I haven´t opened my journal at all since I came back.


... and I´d love to sculpt with you. It´s a killer-class!

Kim Seistrup

Yes, art journaling techniques Michelle Style!!! I vote for that!


Love your journaling style--your colors and lettering and composition are all so fun and inspiring! Makes me want to grab my journal to emulate! :-)


Hey Michelle,

Could you be talking about the 40th anniversary party? The only thing a lot of people didn't know was that he had the background done and the idea decided before he got to the party. Thom does lots of live paintings for charity, but the amount of stuff he does before the event depends on how much time he has to actually paint. He wanted to do a painting of the actual party, but there just wasn't enough time.

Hope that helps...

Anne Leuck Feldhaus


Nic Hohn

your pages and pics are totally inspiring!

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