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April 30, 2011


Jen Osborn

You are so cute!
I generally hate my hair too, and shove it up in a ponytail all summer :)

Lovin' your journaling!

Healing Expressions

Michelle, You brought the biggest smile across my face tonight! I have always loved your cool, unique style with all your funky hats! You are a beautiful inspirational spirit! Love how you are pushing your artistic boundaries! Missed you all at CAFE!


I love your hair!! I have dirty blonde, fine...won't do a thing I tell it to. Also, add graying to the list. I think we all hate our hair, truth be told, right?


Oh stop it- You are adorable.


Do you know how lucky you are to have a widow's peak and thick hair - that's rare?! You can always work around straight, cowlicks and graying...you're an artist with access to stylists and hair products. You've been blessed!! Lucky Michelle!!

April Cole

You are too cute!! :]
Love the journals pages too.


Haha! I have journal pages expressing my hair frustrations too. Thin, blah, grayer by the minute. Just got it cut and now want to immediately grow it out. My hair is a yo-yo. Length up and down. Never quite satisfied.

I really enjoy the irony of the JOY page right next to your I hate my hair page. But JOY is donning a hat, of course.

Tammy M

I saw your hair in two ponies at artfest and you looked beautiful!!! Your hair is so pretty!! I am always amazed when I hear what others don't like about themselves, b/c I never would have picked that out on them! haha! I can agree with you on annoying widows peak ( I always felt like a vampire because of mine), but at least you have an adorable tiny forehead. I look like I am going bald mine is so high!!yikes! And I can't stand my big nose with the ball on the end. Did you pick those things out on me?? LOL!! Just curious xoxxo Hope your week is stuffed full of blessings AND FABULOUS hair DAHHHRLING! {{hugs}}

Melissa Irvin

You make me giggle! My hair is one big bad hair day, every single day! The pony tail is my friend. Hats are, too, on some days.

Aren't you headed to ATL this week for market? Wish I could come down there and meet you in person. That would be so cool.

Safe travels!!


OMG I love that "I hate my hair" painting! And I love that picture of you!

Nic Hohn

Love your sense of humor and your art to go with it!And I thought you wore a hat cos it was your 'thing'...I call my grays, my naturals. I ask my hair dresser to color my naturals every visit and she has a giggle (mind you shes in her 20's)

collette schildkraut

haha very cute and very funny.....


Isn't hair a funny thing?

Most of my life my hair was strawberry blonde, THICK and slightly wavy. Now, it's gone very dark red/brown and CURLY. I can't believe it. Hormones? shrug.

Took me two years to get used to the curls and now I love them. Of course it helps to have a hair dresser who can really work with my hair now.

I imagine when we are 80 yrs, we'll look back at all our "young lady" photos and wont be able to remember why we didn't like how we looked. :-)

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