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March 08, 2011



Lovely lovely lovely! Nothing wrong with thinking and moving big!


Awesome! I am so excited for you. I believe it is an excellent move for your ever expanding business. Hurray!


I'm also a creature of habit, but I have to tell you... My heart just got sooooo big for you & your new adventure! Spread your wings & fly lady!!!!!

Jackie Wood

A little bit of crazy is a good thing!! So excited for you and this new adventure, enjoy this amazing journey!

Jen R

Oh my gosh....how wonderful!! Congrats on the new office/studio. I know IT IS a wee bit scary - but oh so fabulous. So much room to chase those dreams. :) So excited for you.

michael mclaughlin

Won't it be nice when your home studio is back like it used to be-where you can stumble out of bed at any time to just create the dream you just had- and there's no box maze to negotiate? I wish the best to you.

Amber Jacobs

I think its great :) Change is often VERY scary but necessary if we want to grow as individuals. Stay rooted to yourself and you will never go wrong. :)

And crazy...
Crazy is what other people say you are when you are doing something extraordinary! :)


omg michelle! RAD!!! SO happy for you (btw I thought the original studio was big and impressive!) you go girl...BIG opportunities just waiting for Allen Designs! xo

Amy Peters

Congrats my friend! So exciting, how did I miss this post? I'm late to the party here, but I'm so thrilled for you! Hugs...

Nic Hohn

HUGe Congrats Michelle..thats totally awesome + so inspiring!

Janne Robberstad

Congratulations on your decision! The new place looks very ... new. It needs your art, your color, your zest for life to become a pulsating place. But donĀ“t get me wrong, I think it looks smashing. Just a bit unpersonal. Perfect blank canvas for your art!


That is amazing! YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!


Hey! What a huge step - but I'm sure a necessary step in the progression of your success, right? Congratulations! It's a beautiful space.


congratulations on this HUGE fun step.


Congratulations Michelle!
Wishing You All the Best!

God Bless You and Yours!!!

Erica Cooper

So happy for you! Congratulations! Wishing you the best as you move forward in faith. May you always be just enough out of your comfort zone to always be moving forward.
Blessings for your new space and journey!

Julie D.

Michelle, so sorry I have had to do some blog catching up and I didn't want to miss the opportunity to say CONGRATS!! How exciting! the space looks amazing!! You deserve every bit of success as the Lord has definitely blessed your business. Prayers for the exciting future for you!


So very excited for you - to SUCCESSFULLY live your dreams doing what you love. What a gift :)

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