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March 30, 2011


Annia (MaPetiteBowtique)

So it´s a SHE cat? She is soooo cute! Catwoman :)
Love the fish too! :)


Perfect! Fishy friend. I do like words on my art but it depends on the context. Some art just need words and sometimes words can be art themselves. So it just depends for me. That was kind of a non answer so probably didn't help. ;-)

Amy Baumgarten

This painting just makes me smile!
I like words of encouragement on my art.
Things that remind me to make the most of each day and my life.

Cristi Clothier

Yes, I LOVE words on my art!


Well, yes I love words on my art. I often feel it finishes the piece. Most of the time it's only one word, rarely more than three. I love the look of your cat and the colours.


love!!! the fishy friend makes her so happy!!!!


love it!

Melissa Irvin

This makes my heart smile! I am in love with your cat/fish pair - so adorable!

I agree with Valerie above - I like words, but it depends on the context/need for them.


I do like simple phrases...love the added fish!


SOmetimes. Only if it's really needed. WHat I appreciate about other's work, especiallyt hose that paint is the lack of words.

Honestly, I think unless you are painting a word specifically, as opposed to a picture, your work really doesn't need words. The colours and details are perfect as is. (IMHO)


Beautiful! It depends on the artist - yours? Yes. :)


Love this duo! And yes, I incorporate words on almost all of my art, and I love words on other's art as well. I agree with one of the other commentors, the words themselves are art too!

jennie henderson


Vanda Gould

Very beautiful creation :) i love the art of showcasing animal as subject

Windy Savarese

I'm so so in love!!! Great use of color and the elements!! (Yes,I'm an art teacher as well as an artist....:-)

windy kai

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