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March 04, 2011



How great! You should be featured a lot in a lot of magazines, Michelle. Your art makes people smile and feel better about life in general. Every day, when I look at your clock, or on the magnets on the fridge, I feel a little happiness, simply by looking at something beautiful, colorful and fun.
Looking forward to blog-hoping to your links later today.


Was so excited to see your goodies in a store in the Couve yesterday! The soap spotters are adorable. Cute magazine too

Melissa Irvin

I just found you through take heart blog and I am completely enamoured with everything you do!!

I want to make a camera strap. The one in the picture above is so funky and cool. I think my sis would love one too!


How exciting!!
I love your camera strap

Jen R

That is such a great picture too!! :)


Great camera strap. I checked out your tutorials ands loved them. The cupcakes look very yummy.

Ronda Lambatos

LOVE this blog tour - I am finding fabulous sites! Thank you for a beautiful and inspiring blog.

Danee Kaplan

that is funny about seeing your face in CPS- I has the same reaction. I was flipping through quickly and saw your smiling face, did a double take, and thought to myself "I follow her blog".

Pam Holderman

I love your blog - don't get by enough. What a hoot to see yourself out of the blue like that... Congrats!


you never cease to amaze me!!

Marilyn Weyman Kegg

Just love your use of color and that you love Jackie too! I've been a fan of her's for years and she's a dear person besides being so incredibly talented. I can't wait to get In Stitches and make your camera strap. It's just what I need! Thank you!


Congratulations girlfriend! What a fantastic surprise... makes your heart grin doesn't it? How's everything going with the transition?

Mary Ann Van Soest

Love your blog.THanks to the tour I found a new favorite spot.

Ann Ruthsdottir

GORGEOUS strap! Sure puts my gray one to shame. Thanks for sharing.

meg duerksen

it is deserving to be in that magazine!
i LOVE it.

tell me what you are pondering already!!!

janice novachcoff

Enjoyed your article. Am also enjoying your blog, which I most likely would not have found without this.


I seen ya in the magazine!

It's was a pleaseant surprize!

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