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February 08, 2011


Island Cottage Art and Design

While you are contemplating freestanding designs, think about something that could hang on a wall as well. Sometimes I find I am limited on space and hanging my jewelry would probably inspire me to wear different pieces.

I took the survey and wish you good luck with planning and design ~

Island Cottage Art and Design

While contemplating a freestanding design you may want to consider one that could hang on a wall. I don't have a lot of counter space where I dress and would probably use more of my pieces if they were hanging close by.

I took your survey and wish you the best ~

Island Cottage Art and Design

Sorry for the double comment ~ I didn't see it post... my bad!


Took the survey and would LOVE a gift certificate for your wonderful pieces!

Amanda Davis

Hello! I took the survey! I would love to shop in your store. I have some of your notecards. I love your blog. I love all your creations.


Took the survey and this is a great idea. A jewelry tree is my list to get then I might actually wear my jewelry because I see it!

Lisa Gallup

Survey says.....all done! :D


Took the survey! Ooo I'd love me a soap spitter! =) or the yellow dog clock I have my eye on! LOVE those eyeball earrings. I got lost deep into your blog yesterday! I've always wanted to take a workshop from Jesse Reno... and when I saw that you had... I felt so connected 2 u! =)
Have a great day! You're the best! I look forward to your posts... they always make me so happy!!


You know what... I just took a second look... ha! I had a similar necklace from Amy Peters =) with the compass...
and I wore it for like 3 years, I never took it off, and when I did I lost it =( I still haven't gotten another piece but mmmmmmmm I love her work!

Michelle Remy

Hi Michelle! I took the survey...I might add that if a jewelry holder is standing, it should be sturdy and not too tipsy once jewelry is added...I happen to be on the hunt for the perfect jewelry holder and I've seen plenty that are fine without jewelry on it but when stuff is added, the stand gets unstable...love your stuff as always! Cheers!

Jen R

I took the survey! I think a line of jewelery holders would be fabulous. Your art is so colorful and cheery - perfect place for our little treasures. :)


YES!!! Jewelry holders!! I took the survey. Good luck!

Synøve Crompton

Hi Michelle, did your survey. I wear glasses so I do not own much in the earring catagory. Yours are lovely tho`and very inspiring! I do wear lots of bright beads instead :)

Thanks for all your sharing and inspiration!
Synøve C

paulette insall

survey done girlie! :D i use a jewelry box currently, but also my stuff ends up spread all over the place and all the jewelry holders i've come across are so blah. i do hope you'll create a line of jewelry holders....with your style applied to something like that, it would be a work of art unto itself! :D <3


Just visited the survey monkey!

It's cool seeing your pretties. I prefer handmade to storebought any day-usually handmade are OOAK, which is the best reason to have them!


Excellent idea! I took the survey. Can not wait to see what you create! How would i make up my mind what to purchase with the gift certificate??!

Thais Yost

I took you survey!!!

robin west

i did it too! don't forget bracelets!


Aloha Michelle - Would be wonderful to have a combo rack - earrings and necklaces. Appreciate the opportunity to give you feedback and the survey is done!

Cristi Clothier

I took the survey too!


Survey Finished. Anxious to see what you design. I'm new here..but love your work and art.


Just did the survey!


I completed the survey!


I took the survey! :)

Debbie Meyer

I took the survey, but I think I would defintely need to upgrade my jewelry if I won the stand. It's way prettier than any earrings or necklaces I own! haha Love your work, Michelle!!

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