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January 03, 2011


Alison Gibbs

Sometimes it feels like you are bashing your head against a brick wall and getting no where.
I think sometimes we just have to go ahead and make the changes and sort out the mess later on


LOVE the dolly... very cute!

LOL... you're not the only ones who have tried to simplify life only to have to have a mess... ours is a huge remodel mess... but we know it's only temporary... so is yours. I'm trusting God that simple will taste oh so much sweeter after the mess is cleaned up and pretty! And ditto on the money for sure.

Lovin' and prayin' for you... and lookin' forward to some together ARTing time soon!!


Thank you so much for the lovely dolly! She´s currently on my Christmas-tree, but that is about to say goodbye, and she´s about to move upstairs to my window, so I can see her every day :-)
I agree with Alison, make the change and sort out the mess later. But then again, I don´t know what issues you´re struggling with. So I´ll just send you my best wishes and hopes that thing will work out.

Sherman Unkefer

Very lovely doll! So cute. Have a happy new year!

cristi clothier

Happy New Year, Michelle! The doll is fabulous, as is all your art.

I hope 2011 will bring you a wealth of peace, knowledge and creative inspiration!


I hear you! Save, what's that! Every time you try to get ahead something else breaks and there goes another 700 bucks! I keep saying, let's buy a shack and I will fix it up cute! Only thing is, shacks are too much money! You think you are doing the right thing, putting your mind in the right direction, but then you hit a brick wall! I'm right there with you....trying to sort our crap out too! Good luck with it! Not that I know what you're mulling over...just wanted you to feel like you are not alone...we're all mulling over something! But in the end, it's going to be a great new year!


Ugh I can totally relate to the big decisions - the stuff of sleepless nights, right? And the money thing? Yes, every time. Every time.

Jackie Wood

When we began our "simplifying" life got crazy, cluttered, and overwhelming. Many times I thought that we were nuts for trying to make such a huge change, but eventually things started to ease up. Now that we are through the process I am so glad that we did it. Life is exactly what it should be about, family and the adventures that we have together. The extra noise and headaches have disappeared into lovely afternoons to read, walk through the park, and just be together. Hang in there, the beginning is the roughest part.


Yep. KISS. That's on our list too this year. Crossing my eyes and digits that I can do it! ;)

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