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December 21, 2010



I L-O-V-E her bird! So vibrant and alive and colorful!
(Her magnet from last year, with the snowman is hanging on my fridge ;-)


Her artwork is incredible - so talented already! I share your hope that she doesn't abandon her talent and think she's not good enough! I think you've got her on the right path, she will do just fine!

Julie D.

i love it!!!

Nancy K.

Wow! I would say that she's incredibly talented as well! I sure hope that she never gives it up.


I see her very talented mother's style and eye for color has rubbed off on her!


i bet with her mama being so creative and showing an example of a working grown up REAL artist....she'll stick with it. :)
what a legacy you are leaving!

i got a really lovely package in the mail yesterday.
you are so cool michelle! THANK YOU!!!

Amy Peters

OMG she is precious! So lucky to have you as a great role model. She already knows how good she is thanks to her great momma!

Sherry Williamson

She's so talented- what an amazing place for a creative child to grow... in the studio with her mom!


Talent runs deep in your family - no need to fear her losing that creativity, I think! I LOVE her bird painting!!!
p.s. I love the ornament I received... TAHNK YOU!!!
Merry Christmas! xoxo lulu


She is amazing!! May she never think she's "not good enough". Thanks for sharing her and her talents! BTW, Would you ever consider doing a little magnet-making tutorial?

Merry Christmas to you and your family, Michelle!


Fabulous! I have always loved the snowman she did last year & her new pieces are great. She has a bright future in the art world. I think having you for a mother will help keep her artsy side alive even when she becomes an adult. Just keep showing her the ropes and giving her feedback, so she has a solid base to feel good about during any moments of self doubt. Even if she does abandon art, she will most likely come back at some point. Once it has taken root, it is truly hard to shake art out of your soul.

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