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December 30, 2010


Cristi Clothier

They are perfectly imperfect...and adorable

Sherry Williamson

Oh I am SO excited about this post!! I got a sewing machine for Christmas & I'm so inspired to make some fun stuff- now I just need to learn to sew... your little monsters are too cute for words.


Aaahh, Michelle, thanks! You´re so sweet :-) Your dolls are so... you! So cute and whimsical and colorful and sweet! I´m so glad I could inspire you on this, you´ve inspired and taught me so many things! Like the book-binding. I´m such a sucker for book-binding now-a-days.
You know, they kind of look like sheep. Very well-behaved and shaved (except for inside the ears) sheep. Especially that first one with the orange nose.
And talking about serious work. I think you should make a monster-clock.
Hey-ho, let´s sew!

Annette M

I love these, Michelle! And I appreciate the difference and struggle in learning perfect vs done w/out short cuts. It shows in your work!

Jen R

These are soooo cute Michelle! I love their wacky flavor. Imperfectly....perfect! Thanks for sharing. :)


There are SUPPOSED to be mistakes. THe Amish, as well as the rug weavers of the world purposely put a mistake into the textiles as a symbol of humility, for only god is perfect.

I always say some of my projects are more Amish than others. *laughs*

The beauty of folk art is that things are wonky doodle. That what I love about it-the simple humility of the work. That's how you know it was handmade and infused with love. We could all use a little more of that in our lives.

Kim Seistrup

cuTe, CuTe, cUtE, vending these at Artfest?


They are adorable and I happen to have a very great love of imperfection. It's quite perfect, don't you think?

Wendy @ Living Creatively

LOVE them, so inspiring!


those are crazy amazing!!!
makes me want to sew!


They are really adorable! I so love the look in their eyes! And since we are now in 2011 here, I want to wish you a happy new year with a lot of inspiration and creation.

Teri Leigh

Oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!!!! They turned out adorable.


These are absolutely fabulous!

Terri Nickelson-Williams

Your work is always amazing and so adorable! Thanks for sharing!

joanne sharpe

You have an amazing eye and sense of outrageously endearing style! Always enjoy seeing what's in your art head, LOL!!! So cute.


Omg, these are so cute,,,,,,,I want one! Xo...



perfect and adorable! love them and would like to stitch some up my self. Did you just free draw a pattern? michelle

Deirdra Doan

too too cute..I like the gray and black one so much..I might have to make one..
Looking forward to arting with you!

Deirdra Doan

with the little..pink flower..so sweet.


Oh my gosh. Michelle!!! These are just too dang cute for words!!! I am IN LOVE!!!!!! Absolutely. Head. Over. Heels!!
LOL I can't stop smiling at them! :D You are so talented woman!

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