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November 15, 2010


Tamara Bako

I would LOVE a t-shirt displaying your artwork! That would be a great product!!!!! t-shirts, night shirts....something you should consider! (great way to get your work more exposure to the public!! lol) I hope to get some classes under my belt someday because I would like to learn to silk screen. The squirrel looks awesome. Next photo needs to be of YOU wearing a silk screened shirt! :) I marvel at your creativity and love to see what is next around the corner! Thanks for sharing Michelle!

Wendy @ Living Creatively

Ohhhhh, I love it!
Your artwork totally inspires me!!

I love that red chair, too, by the way.


YOu could make all kinds of stuff with this type of art - love it!

And while you're cleaning and purging....:) do you know if you have a copy of art and life number 6 that you want to sell? Thats the only one I need!



LOVE the squirrel... so clever. And I loved my squirrel t-shirt until I ruined it in the washer!! Bummer. Can hardly wait for you to make another run of shirts... I know everyone will want one... including me!! Hugs for a great and glorious day!


OMG I NEED these!! Hurry and list some!!


Great job Michelle!! I saw your cat clock on the side and gasped (serious cat lovers over here). And ps-those pb cups will change your life. So easy to make and reese's will pale in comparison from here on out!!

Hence the reason for today's post. oy



How lovely! So simple and so lovely!

Michelle Ludt

LOVE the squirrel! You're such a diverse artist. That's why it's so fun to follow your blog and your work. I've loved the prgression over the last couple years - have I been stalking you - I mean admiring you that long?! Can't wait to see what's next! Happy Wednesday!


Love this squirrel! I think he is a keeper. And he is less messy than the squirrels who roam my lawn.


i love that micehlle!!!
i know someone who needs one. :)

Pia Diem

I just love love your art, you have so much energy you give through your creations. I am hipnotized every time i visit your site.
Thanks for sharing, you make my day.

Art Cant Hurt

i'm NUTS about this squirrel!

Heather Foust

Very cooollll!


ohh, well it looks like you got it down! i really like the squirrel. screen printing is on my list of things to learn!

amanda jolley

Please, please, please sell me a squirrel t-shirt. I'm in love.

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