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November 09, 2010


Chrisropher L. Jones

I Read your blog cause I'm so impressed by how talented and successful lil' Shelly Dornacher Has become. Plus I like seeing where you been. Be good to you, and make sure I win. LOL wink wink

Jennie Henderson

I am an artist and I hope to someday be at least half as talented as you..I think your art is so whimsical and Fabulous!!!I also posted this to my facebook and emailed it...

Debbie H

I love your art and blog because I sooo value the individualism I see in it! Love the folk touch, too!

Linda Harbin

I love this blog because I love your art! The style, the colors, the dogs, everything! I'm a mixed media artist with shops named MidwestieLady on both ArtFire and Etsy. I can tell that you LOVE to create - me too.
Linda Harbin on FB

Linda Harbin

I also posted on my FaceBook (Linda Harbin) about this blog and your giveaway too!

Linda Harbin
MidwestieLady on ArtFire and Etsy

paula mat

I shared on facebook.

Tamara Bako

Well! I love reading your blog because it's colorful, fun, and lively! Your creativity lightens my day and my heart. Your stories of your adventures (in your art and your travels) are so fun to read! I love your pieces and look forward to every new creation! :) (how is the silk screening coming along? ) If I don't write before next week..Please have a wonderful holiday! :)

Brenda McGinnis

Shared on FB and I visited this Blog for the same reason I always do. I needed to put a smile on my face.:-) I love looking at all your wonderfully inspired work. Can't wait to come to your studio and shop.


Hey Michelle,
I follow your blog because I love what you create and your photography is so inviting and you are inspirational! I already follow your newsletter.I shared you on FB, and I did a little blog post about this giveaway! Thanks for having it! Oh and while I'm here....I LOVE the silkscreened squirrel!! Loving that white on the paperbag brown. Nice!


I really like your art work. I am studying art therapy and found your work on the internet when I was looking for inspiring work which spoke personally and lovingly.

Cheryl Jones Evans

What absolutely fun work!
It makes me giggle and laugh and I can feel your passion and delight in every piece!

Michelle my Belle (with picture) is on my blog at http://artistswaypages.blogspot.com/
with my fingers crossed!


Erna Price

I shared on facebook...;)

Erna Price

I read your blog, because you are an inspiration and your art makes me smile.

Erna Price

I blogged about this giveaway:

larry hiday

i came to this blog to keep up with what's happening in the allen family since i never get to see them on bikes anymore;-) but i'll see you at the studio sale probably tonight. yes, i'm an artist but in photography as opposed to in all mediums like my wonderful friend michelle! have a great day and i hope to win the drawing...

Sherry Aldinger

Hello, I just found you & would love to enter, I became a fan on your facebook. I read your blog because I like your art, your creativity, your colors, it's great! Thanks


I am a huge fan of your art. Love it!


I love your stuff! I got my first piece as a gift last Christmas! I shared this on facebook as well!

Barbi Papenfuse

Hi Michelle! I read it to keep up with a beautiful, creative friend! you amaze me and I think you have the greatest whole family! hope to see you this weekend! love, Barbi

Lisa Klow

I don't remember how I found your blog, either. I'm an artist and I love your art, in particular your paintings, esp. the step-by-step photos so we can see the progressive stages. But I also just enjoy the rest - your awesome photos, travel stories, family updates, occasional recipes. Just keeping us updated on your life in general. I enjoy reading about all that you share with us.
There seems to be a lot of advice out there on how to keep people coming to your blog, like you have to provide some sort of service or useful tips, etc. I disagree. I read blogs I enjoy.


HI, this is some awesome gifts here. Thanks for the giveaway..everything is so darn cute! I saw this on facebook and have posted this to my wall on facebook.

Maria Grimes

Because I don't just like your art, I LOVE IT!!!

Maria Grimes

I just signed up for your newsletter too :o)

breanna glynn

I love your work, so imaginative. We live in Honolulu and I saw the old owl clock in a shop here and had to inquire. the price was not right, so i went online to see if i could find one more in my range. came to your site- i wish i could come to your shop. look forward to seeing more of your work. Blessings and aloha!

Molly Heibult

Hi Michelle,
I stumbled upon your blog doing a "funky art" Google image search. I have seen your clocks previously in an catalogue somewhere in the past??? Anyhow, an artist myself I love whimsical & functional art. Your bold colors are so fun; love, love, love the stuff you are doing. Gotta dig the dreads too, how wonderfully brave of you, I’m just trying to get up the nerve to cut my hair short! Have a blessed day & thanks for sharing.

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