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November 09, 2010



I first started reading your blog because of the art. Now I read because the of the art, travel, the business side of your art and the bits of family you share with us. I am a big fan!


Love Love Love this blog... So much colorful inspiration!!! Facebooked this post and subscribed to the newsletter! Crossing my fingers!!! :) xoxo - Kim


I love reading your blog because it's inspiring!

Janne Robberstad

I am an arting-ist, and read your blog because you´re a lovely and inspiring person, just like your art! :-)

Janne Robberstad

Well, I already mentioned that you´re the coolest! So now I can mention that I posted about your give-away on my blog, and to 800-something of my closest Facebook-friends :-)

Carol Wiley

Your art looks so fun! I shared your contest on Facebook.


I would love to win this! My mother in law is amazing and has done so much for our family. She would LOVE all of your art work. Colorful, fun, and whimsical...so cool!


I've shared it on facebook :)

Nancy Lefko

I read this blog because I'm an artist and your use of color is pure magic!

Nancy Lefko

I already receive your newsletters...does that count? :)

Vicki Takata

please enter me-- i shared on f/book - love your goodies- they inspired me to repaint the living room before I hung up your beautiful flower clock!

sng ju

i was on singapore airlines, & they had your clock for mail order but it was expensive, so i thought i search online & tada! i want to win! i want your clock in my new home! please.


I read your blog because I'm an artist. I love your work. It constantly inspires me and gets me off my duff and makes me totally feel alive with color filled goodness by seeing all the pretty colors you use. The first blog post I ever saw of yours was your 37 list I think it was with your list of 37 things to do in your book. I loved it!. I love your paintings now too. They are my fav.


Hi :o)
I read your blog because I'm a curious farmer, love your colourful art - and Janne is promoting you :o)
Will share you on facebook asap - and I think I already get your newsletters :o) ...I'll check that right away - and if not, I'll add it!

Have a great day :o)


I just sent your link to my other artsy friend Michelle! I just love your stuff and all your adventures!! Keep inspiring me!


I love art! And yours is so joyful!! Though I came here originally by way of your "List," and it completely inspired me!


Like almost all the others, I follow your blog because I love your art! The colors and whimsy always make me happy :)

Gail Miller

Michelle, I was more than happy to share you on Facebook! You are incredibly talented and creative. I love to see your new art as well as your pictures from your travels. I especially enjoyed seeing the pics of you and Alexis from China! I also love the ways you honor your mom and bless your children!


Debbie Supplitt

OMG....I so totally need a robot clock for my classroom to go with my alligator clock. Michelle may I bring over folks after our Zentangles demo to your Studio open house on the 18th? We go until 5:30, fashionable dinner at Bugerville until 6:30 and then hang with you. How's that sound?
Debbie Suppplitt


I love checking you're blog to see what new and crazy thing you are excited about! It makes me excited too! I love the pictures and fun comments you post. I personally love your art and have gotten a lot of inspiration from it and the other artist you promote. Love it, love it, love it!

When are you going to make your Christmas Ornaments...can we get a tutorial? :)


I am posting your link, and I know my friends will love it!


I follow your blog because I love your art (have one of your early dog clocks!). Think you are a great person and you post great picture and stories of your adventures.


Hello! I read your blog because
- it often puts a smile on my face
- I love art
- I love YOUR art, the vibrant colours, the uniqueness of some of your pieces
- you are so positive and so humble AND so funny at times
- you always answer to the comments
- you share so much, not only your art but also your travels
Thank you for all this!


I love reading your blog just to see what new designs run through your mind and out your hands. Never ceases to amaze me.


great giveaway! put it up on my blog!

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