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November 09, 2010


Debbie J.

Woo Hoo...so very generous! I read your blog because I love, LOVE your art! Thanks for the opportunity!


hey michelle!!
i love reading your blog for many reasons:
*your super funny and make me smile
*your super talented and i love seeing things you create
*you are totally living the dream and you bless so many people around you
*i am so blessed knowing you and am always inspired by your art, your heart is amazing and you really are fun to be around. i love your positive outlook.
*of course i LOVE your photography too and am so blessed to get to help you out in creative ways.

* oh and all your pics with your mouth open smiling and laughing- well they make me smile and laugh and try to relax and have FUN .

* you have also been so helpful with the whole "i'm not a runner" thing and i am actually enjoying my time on the trails.


I'm always amazed at how Michelle's mind works...and can come up with the most imaginative art I've ever seen. I love it.

helen stewart

I love your art,your page is always interesting! Loved the China trip pics! My favourite stuff are cats!! Hope I win! :) I'm in Scotland. :)

Michele from Pipi La La

I read your blog because
• it's gorgeous
• I love your art
• you are very interesting :)
• you have fab giveaways! ;)


I love reading your blog because I love you! I think you are an amazing lady who has been given a great gift and I LOVE watching you use that gift to it's fullest.

Shared of Facebook!


Now posted on my blog!!


Hi, I love reading your blog 'cause I love your art and your colours!!!!!!!

Sue Jessee

I love your blog because you're so creative!

Melisa K

Okay, three out of the four:

1) I think I found you through CurlyGirl. I used to own and run a small glass jewelry business and now I live vicariously through other smart, creative women who make a satisfying life through art.

2) I signed up for the newsletter!

3)I shared on facebook too.


I posted on my facebook. I read your blog because as an artist who is just starting out (my first art/craft fair is this weekend) and it makes me feel like there are others out there that enjoy the same things I do. I live my lifestyle in a similar way and it is comforting and inspiring to read your blog. I am a stay-at-home Mom with four kids and I am hoping my art with allow me to continue to be able to stay home for them but also be able to start a business doing what I love! Thanks for being able to go to your blog and see what inspires you!


I read your blog because I'm an artist and I find lots of inspiration. And I also just love your work.


I read this blog because of a couple reasons. . . I was pulled in my your art. It is colorful, fun and always puts a smile on my face. I love seeing your process and I am dying for one of your pendulum clocks ; ) Also, I love that you run and bike, it is inspiring to hear other people's stories and gets me motivated to get my butt in gear. You are very down to earth and I can relate to a lot of your posts!


I shared on facebook
and in a couple minutes I will

post this on my blog - mindovermybody.blogspot.com

Carolyn Heineken

I found you because someone posted a pic of your dachshund clock on a doxie bulletin board. I have been hinting heavily to family and friends that I want it for Christmas LOL. I love your artsy ways!


I don't honestly even remember where I found out about your blog...but I love it!!
I read it because it inspires me to be creative. Not that I'm an artist...but I like to dabble in different things, sewing, jewelry, etc...and your blog lets me explore how other people get to be creative too!


I get your newsletter too! :)


I shared on facebook :)


Hi Michelle,

I love the colors you use in all your art work and your travel stories! I shared this post on Facebook. I'm already a follower and I'm off to post this as a button on my blog! Thanks for helping with the Christmas shopping!


And...I blogged. :)


I love reading your blog because:
1. You are an amazing artist and I love art. Watching others be creative gets my creative juices flowing too.
2. You are a super cool person :-)
3. I long to travel. Sometimes I travel vicariously through you.
4. I am inspired by your running & biking.

I am going to share on facebook and post to my blog.


I like your blog because you are a great artist and very inspiring to me and how you do the production and the travel pics and all your ideas and and ....


I know that when I see a new post by you that I will like it!!



I read your blog originally for the art, now i read it because of all the inspiring articles and comments!



I follow your blog becuase your art ROCKS!!! I'm an artist and graphic designer. I live in Minnesota and WISH WISH WISH you had an online class... I would SO be first in line! Please Please Please? I would love to learn to make the ornament... sculpture dudes! (Don't you love my name for them?) I noticed you are going to be at Art Fest but I don't think I can afford the trip! Would love to learn from you! Thank you for being an inspiration... I look forward to your posts!
For your fundraiser sale... are you doing anything online?
please say yes!


robin westenhiser

First and foremost you are inspiration!
Second, you take me to China on all your trips, i love the photos!
Third, you took the time to answer questions I had, sharing your knowledge is a very generous thing to do, not all artists are so giving.
Fourth, your mermaid and heart clocks grace my home and make me smile!
Thank you Michelle!

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