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October 13, 2010


paulette insall

you are not alone girl!!! it happens to all of us!!! and sometimes we are just in a season where creating is not part of it. sometimes God needs to do some other work in us...so we are ready for the next part of His plan. :D

love & hugs,

Art Cant Hurt

i'd never wish this feeling on ANYONE but it's so reassuring to know that i'm not alone in it! YES it's real, and a bike ride is a great immediate escape to try and release yourself! today i chose a swim as mine, but not 8 hours ago i was walking around my shop pulling my hair out for much the same reason you've expressed in your post. only i don't have the RAW AMAZING SKILZ you do! ;)
breathe. bike. and breathe again.
whatever it takes, my friend, things will turn around.
take care!

Sandra Sutherland

What you're doing is very complex and you're still very young -- though immensely talented, of course... be patient with yourself. It will come to you.

liette Prévost

you are so talentuous...i love to come and see your drawing...unique...and you are never alone...


ha, you are birthing a new baby, and you're in transition....that's what I heard in my head....take it as encouragement that you are almost there~! Kate

Carla Ferrara

First of all I really appreciate the "Progressive" pictures of your latest work! I am a jewelry designer. My clients keep telling me I am an artist, but I have always shied away from that designation because I think of artists as painters or sculptures. A great many of the pieces I work on are of a "layered" nature, so I can relate to the progressive aspect of your intricate Works of Art! This year has been a difficult year for me to concentrate on my work. So I played. A Lot !!(and didn't work ~ at all !!) Now it's back to business and the pressure is on cause the season is about to be!! I usually don't get up from my 'mental blockages' to take an outside break. I wind up doing nothing invigorating and therefore don't get past them very well. What an Idiot!! Thank you for letting me know it's okay to leave it for awhile and go outside to play. And I live close to the beach here in South Florida! Sometimes our creativity seems to go right out the window ... so I guess we need to chase it down ... outside somewhere!!!

By~the~way ... I Love what Paulette had to say. I agree! <><
With kindest regards,
Carla Ferrara


Your art is amazing, you are amazing, this piece is wonderful and I love it! The color, the whimsy and fun brings me so much joy just visiting your blog. It's so interesting how humble gifted artists can be! Seems like a common thread not feeling it. Seriously you are such an inspiration, with a style I adore, being the color and whimsy freak that I am!
We all go through lulls of self doubt! Wish could know how happy your art makes me feel!

Hugs Giggles

Erin Leigh

What are you talking about?!?! i mean, i know exactly what you're talking about, but i love this piece. love the warm colors and LOVE your new banner. Also enjoyed traveling with you guys. Thanks for all of the great pics of your trip.you are so stinkin creative! it's defintitely a gift. XOXO

Paula Mat

I Love Love this. You are amazing. I wish I had your creativity! You Go Girl! :)

Janna Moats

If only I could draw something more than a stick figure. Your work IS amazing. FAITH is certainty that leads to action.


You bird and cat are as adorable as only you can make them. Since there is a lot going on in the picture, I can see how you can "look yourself blind" when working on it. Because you are looking at all the details instead of the whole. Taking a break, maybe even for a coupe of days while you work on another project, and then come back and look at it with "new eyes". THEN you´ll know clearly what you like and/or if you want to change anything. Your audience commenting here, including me, are excited about your work, but it is important that you feel comfortable with your creations too :-) There´s always a million ways of doing a painting. Your choices is what makes it truly yours.


Well, I'm no expert but I love this painting.

Debi Potts

Lol! Love your comment about creatives being "headcases." It's so true! Since I've gone off the beaten path and indulged my creative whims, I feel like chaos has been unleashed, lol. Creative ideas come on like a storm. It's hard to conjure that storm, it just comes out of nowhere and at the least convenient times! Love your artwork, love you!!! Don't forget to enjoy your gift!


Love this new piece... and yes we're all headcases right along with you!! But... your talent is a gift from God and He gave it to you in abundance! He also says that to everything there is a season and sometimes we must go through a period of challenge and discovery in order to grow and be better artists and better people. You know I know how frustrating it can be... so I pray you can enjoy the process of playing with new techniques and trust God to give you the creativity... He always has and always will.

Healing Expressions

IF we could only see the unbirthed creativity and art yet to be made that is in the process of being formed within us we would likely be utterly amazed. I think its about seasons. Changing seasons. Its about the patience to wait, listen and let it unfold from God...within our hearts and onto the canvas. What is encouraging about you Michelle is your courage to let that work happen on the canvas as you change and grow! Can't wait to gather at CAFE and hear about your lastest asventures!

Kristy Patterson/Flying Shoes Studio

You'll find your way again. I love what I see happening already and I always enjoy following your work. I've discovered that I am a little lost when I get back on my easel after an adventure that stirs up my ideas and gives me new inspiration - too much swirling in my brain.

After your recent trip I imagine your head is filled with lots of new things so let it settle and you will get your muse focused soon.

Thanks again for the help starting the art blocks. My students and I have had a ball making and selling them. With the art market so poor right now, they are often the only thing moving at our local gallery.

My very best, dear friend!

Meaghan "Bonafyde"  V.

Find your style, find your style???!!!! Girl your style spilleth over, seriously. You inspire me all the time, your art is definitely unique and that's what I love about it... I can look at it and relate instantly to you and not see any obvious influences or references to other artists and that my dear is an awesome attribute in my books! Of course being an artist as well, I know this is all personal and in our head and that of course works itself out in time, we all go through periods of self doubt and what I call the "FUNK". The good news is that it doesn't last forever and afterwards you'll be producing stuff that makes your heart sing again. I think we all have to practice some self-love and be our number 1 fans! xoxo


i don't know if i am a real artist but i am definitely a headcase.

i know just what you mean.
for what it's worth.....your bad day is like a dream good day artistically for me.


Hah! That is too funny. I think I can do my best work when my inner nut-case is peeking through.


you are SO not alone...I think it's a natural process that us "creatives" go through...just remind yourself how far your journey has brought you this far! And how many of us other creatives admire you for that :) chin up buttercup!!! xoxo


I am going through the same thing right now, and it is so frustrating. The ideas are coming but I'm have a little difficulty executing them. I guess there is no choice other than to just stick with it. BTW, I've been neglecting the blogs lately, so I don't know when you changed your banner....but I LOVE IT!! You are doing something right, girl. Your style is emerging! Good, bad, ugly, or awesome...keep going!


I love your new banner!

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