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September 08, 2010



have lotsa FUN!!!!!!!!! wish i was there ... gonna live thru you and your pics...

Amy Peters

yum....enjoy some gelato for me! Was just talking about your and your frozen yogurt addiction today!

Tamara Bako

Wow, Michele...you really have a boring life don't you? XD! CIAO CARA MIA!!! Enjoy! and remember!....*those Italian pounds can always come off later!! ENJOY ENJOY ENJOY!!! (and a few pics will be very appreciated and drooled over!) I have a friend who just went to Athens to see Bono and U2 perform - she follows them everywhere....those pics were so gorgeously PAINFUL!!!! So, please, HURT ME SOME MORE! LOLOL!!!!!

Janna Moats

Have a great time in Italy and be inspired to no end. I talked to Wendy the other day and would love to have coffee when you return. Travel Safe.


yay! I love Italy! I need to go back...for gelato, of course. I found that the best gelato was in Florence...I wonder why that is?? Have a great time!


Have a wonderful and save journey! I am really-really loving your pictures!
ciao, Bella!


I know you two will have a gloriously great time... enjoy every minute of it... you deserve it!

Island Cottage Art and Design

Here's something to ponder while on the plane ... gift wrap with Michelle's designs! A nice heavy paper that wraps more than one gift! So hard to find
cute paper now days, you've already started the note cards!

Lee Ann

Hope you have a fabulous trip!
Love, Love, LOVE the Love First!!! I think I know just the spot where it would look amazing....after I get some paint on the walls :)

Art Cant Hurt

you should really get out more ;)
just read a book set in italy: marcus in umbria

always wanted to visit umbria - home of some
of the finest frame craftsmen in the world...

meg duerksen

you are on a roll with fabulous paintings!!
love first.
i looooooove it....and it's not even finished!

you are so blessed!


Love the "little something else" you've been working on. Oooh, the colours. Enjoy yourself in Italy.


I NEED to take a painting class from you!! LOVE the work, keep the creative juices flowing! Safe travels...want to see pictures!


I'll have to look up gelato to
see what it is. Wondering if it
is jello? Probably not. lol!

I like the art piece and the
question. That is one of my
favorite things to do with a
art piece. Is to add a question.

Love the one your working on too!

Hope your having a wonderful time!
I am sure you are. You are going on
bicycle rides and get to eat a lot of
that what do you calle it, Gelato? lol!
Sounds like jetleg. lol! I'm sure you

I'm having a good time, bicycle rides
and eating lotsa gelato, and I am not
even in Winapego, no jetlego...! lol!

Just being silly.

God Bless You and Yours!!!


you booger! off to Italy spur of the moment on my birthday! uh...jealous party of one, yep that's me! Hey...your artfest roomie is Janne but I think I'm close by you gals at least. xo


I hope that you are enjoying your trip. I am excited to see how it inspires your art. I love your style it is very bright and sassy. I am working on making a style that is my own. I see so many ways people do it differently, and I like it but I really want to be know for a style that is all my own. Your art is one of my insiprations. I love the way that you use color. http://asouthernladysramblings.blogspot.com

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