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August 09, 2010



Hi Michelle! I love the new site.... if I am a winner (and even if not!) I need to buy the bicycle print that has been on my list for a year, the fly bird clock, a camera strap if you would make one for me :) the love frame, and then I'd take you out for coffee! Thought about you on my bike ride this weekend. I am finally getting back to normal :)


ohhh fun!! I always love an Allen Design giveaway!

So, if I could have a "close to my art" shopping spree I would buy some art blox (LOVE THEM!) or the Home Treasure box.

Of course if you had a Moose soap spitter I'd have to get one of those too.

See you soon!

Carolyn Heineken

I love your stuff but my fave is the weiner dog pendulum clock!


I've entered! (Too eager? Haha)I was already a fan on Facebook, which is how I discovered this giveaway, and I posted about it on my blog: http://mokopocreations.blogspot.com/

Also, just for good measure, it would be difficult to decide what to spend my shopping spree on, but I'd probably go with a new Soap Spitter, one (or some) Art Blox, and a print to add to my kitchen art gallery!

Happy Arting! :)


Love the blog I want to get breaking free, bike print, owl wisdom and too much more just to name a few!! Keep up the amazing art! :)

Amanda Davis

Ok, if I won, my wish list from your site is

Owl Soap Spitter
Pink Girl Bank
Dream Box
Breaking Free Art Print
Ella Bella clock
Oh, and a camera strap if you ever sold one.
I also mentioned this giveaway on my blog

megan thompson

love love LOVE the cat and dog clocks but the soap spitters sure are a lot of fun!! i remember years ago when you used to have a booth at the harvest festival in san francisco and i've been following you ever since!

Lelainia N. Lloyd

I would blow the whole shebang on artblocks! I would love to have a grid of them on my wall. The debate would be would they go in the studio where my walls are vintage aqua or would I finally put SOMETHING on my bedroom walls?!?!

Here's the ones I'd order:
-swim freestyle
-have faith
-little hoot ruler
-love endures
-best friend

I can picture it now! :)


I would wait and get two soap spitters, the frog definitely and perhaps the owl; 4 art blox, probably love, create, lil' hoot and swim freestyle; riding on wisdom art print. I also really love the fleur de lis and heart wall art in the sale section!


I love all your work, but I would definitely purchase a few prints if I won the giveaway. The breaking free and riding on wisdom are two of my favorites. I love the bobble dog pendulum clock too. :) But, OMG, those banks are so adorable too!!! One of everything, please. :D Your work makes me smile!!!

I've posted about your giveaway on my blog, http://thelittledeb.blogspot.com

Debbie J.

I definitely need a couple soap spitters and a money banks!


Sure do love giveaways and your art. I would buy Moose Lee and Cuckoo Bird Clock. Oh and maybe some Art Blox. so hard to choose.

Art Cant Hurt

a print & a soapspitter!

Lay Hoon

I love your art print and magnet.


I am so excited about your new soap-spitters, I´l have to add to my collection of Michelle-art with some of them :-)

robin west

I love it all! I would replace my Ethel the Mermaid clock, after a game of ball, in the house I might add, it fell off the wall and has never been the same. AND if I'm really lucky i'd love the bunny print! Your new painting style is AWESOME! Thanks Michelle, robin


Waow that's fabulous ! I would definitely spend aaaaall the spree in treasure box so I'd have the entire collection ! They're so cute (and I have too much jewels XD)
Will blog about your giveaway in a few days !
Thanks for this new contest Michelle :)

Michelle @ One Crafty Mama

Congratulations on getting your website up and running.

If I won a GC I would buy a bunch of Art bloxs. They are one of my favorites items that you sell. :)


I did everything and now hope and hope and hope..... :)

What would I buy?
It's hard, I would buy so many things!!!!!
I love art blox and treasure boxes but I would like to also have frames, clocks, money banks.... I don't know, I like everything!!!!!


i love any of the garden themed clocks: ladybug, frog, etc.

Terri Stegmiller

What a fun giveaway contest! I love anything with a cat theme, so I'm positive I'd pick items with cats on them. Love your work!


oh, man. It is so hard to decide what I would get because I am obsessed with all of the pendulum clocks - the wine time, coffee please, mellow yellow. I was even thinking of putting one in the bathroom, why not! Then I would have to get some art blox for me and my sisters. A soap spitter and some art prints - love riding on wisdom.

I am a fan on facebook which is how I found out and am posting about this giveaway on my blog right now! www.mindovermybody.blogspot.com

Nancy Lefko

Oh my, so much goodness to choose from...I do love the "Gimme Coffee" clock...but given the time I could probably find 1000 things to buy!!!

Nancy Lefko

I'm signed up for your newsletter and I am already a fan :)

Nancy Lefko

I blogged about it too :)


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