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August 03, 2010



At first it was a little upsetting, but then it was funny...probably didn't help you any.


hmmm it makes sense and is funny in kind of a dark way! I am sure tons of people will love it. but for me with little kids I find it a bit on the dark side and I think it makes a statement about your brand. I am sure lots of people will disagree with me. I might just be a little sensitive. But i have a feeeling you are too sense you are even asking the question! :)



I happen to love it...very funny and clever!



I think it's great! Not offended at all, and I'm a huge animal lover. It's quite funny actually.


you crack me up!
maybe use pop off head/top, twist and fill??
i think it is funny but maybe on the example use an animal not a person head??


I love it! And it makes perfect sense. I am a bit "off" though. ;)


I personally laughed the first time I saw it. Now I'm thinking, "Who is your market for these items?" If it's young adults to adults then I think it's really funny. However, if your key market is for younger kids then it "may" be over the top. I'm not offended by the label. I can see how some people would be.

On that note: I think it's awesome!


I'm not offended either, but the pop off, twist, and fill makes a lot of sense and would still look cute.


I wouldn't do it, since I believe your art isn't aimed just towards adults. Remove head and twist neck would be fine.


I love it and think its hilarious but since there are ton of crazy animal rights people (did I say 'crazy', I meant 'thoughtful') :) you might get some backlash if it gets into the hands of the wrong person! That is coming from someone who got a t-shirt for christmas that says I love P.E.T.A "People eating tasty animals"


I think its hilarious! But I would put "pull off head" instead. Not as gruesome. But the art is funny!

Shelley Blackler

Not offensive to me, just funny/clever.
But you can't 'decapitate head'.
Either just 'decapitate' or 'remove head'.


I LOL'd, but I am cynical and twisted!

To "PC" it down, you could: Pop off head, twist neck, pour soap down throat.

BTW, am I the only person that thinks it looks like the frog and *especially* the pig are smoking a cigarette????????

Vivian Ashworth

Personally, I think the back is hilarious and it would not offened me. However, it looks like the animals are smoking and that is offensive to me. If the tube did not extend past the lips that might be ok. I'm sure the back would offend others, esp. if they have children who they are trying to teach to be kind to animals.


I would say remove head, twist neck, pour in soap. I agree about the sensitive market. I would tone it down a bit from a marketing perspective. Personally I think it's funny.


thank you all for your input! i'm totally appreciating it. still undecided as to what to do.
on them "looking like they're smoking", i think it may be the angle of the photograph cause no one that has seen them in person has made any reference to them "smoking".


I think it's great. There is humor there. I think it is a great job. Honest.

sherry goodloe

YES Michelle (2 comments above) I thought it looked like they were smoking TOO! LOL
But that wasn't your question now was it? *hee hee*. I'm with some of the others that are twisted in a funny kinda way . . . I think it's hilarious.


I think it is perfect...since these are purchased by adults and I figure adults would be the ones filling them. Even so, my kids (12 and 8) would think it was funny. I'm sick of "PC" worries taming things down. Let your creativity and humor flow!!!

Debbie J.

I think it's absolutely hysterical! I love it! But then, (as Lisa above) my hubby says I'm a bit *off* also. I just don't believe life was meant to be taken seriously.....


My daughter and I discussed it and we both love it (she's 20) because we get that kind of humor, but you will ALWAYS have others who will have issues with everything you do. Our opinion is to follow your artist's heart and do it and always remember...

"It's easier to ask for forgiveness than for permission" :)


I laughed out loud too and loved it, but after reading comments... I can see how pop off head, twist neck and pour down throat would be more "PC".

I see smokers too but that's kind of cute cause its unexpected.


Kirscha Gray



I love it! I think the thing about marketing is to make something stand out, to make it memorable, I don't think you should tone it down one bit. Good for you for taking chances, don't be on the safe side, take a chance!


I think it's best to stay away from the edge of "dark things" and think just going the simple route as others have suggested above would work better. Then you wouldn't have to worry about offending people. It didn't offend me, but it's more the writing that would be found on items in weird shops rather than the upbeat, artsy shops that have your clocks. I definitely thought it looked like cigarettes sticking out of their mouths, too. I wish you the best in whatever you decide.

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