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August 06, 2010



Hi, hi, hi... What a fun picture of you. You really are an ARTing super-hero! Does the C stand for Cupcake?


So people have no sense of humor (dark humor that is)

You are running a business and do have to make compromises, but I feel for you and maybe I'll also snack on a cupcake too!
A sympathy snack *grins*

Nancy S

Ohhhh, I missed the previous post and didn't throw in my 2cents. I think your version is hilarious! And I would love it on a package...the kind of people that would get offended aren't probably the kind of people that would buy them anyway. Sulk away....I think you lost a good one.


I still say stick to your guns. You're the artist. Too many politically correct 'followers'; not enough 'leaders'. Lead dear one, LEAD~

Art Cant Hurt

don't be a sulk-a-tron!
i prefer the cupcake-eating part of your plan! ;)

Carolann Shaw

I was looking forward to a half price sale!! but I will share some cupcakes with you too. I hope you will come up with verbally imaginative and humorous tags or packaging for all your creations. Packaging, packaging, packaging! We are told on all those TV shows that price our treasures that saving the packaging adds to the value. Do you have any chocolate cupcakes?


I do like pop off head!

jennie henderson



I love your picture!

Eileen Asarkof

Much better, though the other was funnier.

sonya paz

Me likey!

Island Cottage Art and Design

Even with the compromise, it sounds like you!


haha great picture. Well good compromise. But yeah the first choice was funnier. :)

Wendy @ Living Creatively

Funny picture-- even with the misspelling! ;-)
The new instructions are certainly more family-friendly.


Wow! Cute cupcake hero pic!. New wording sounds great in that it is mass-market friendly. I thought your original was very funny, but the new instructions will appeal to all and offer no hesitation to any. I imagine your goal is to sell more products and get your glorious art in more hands, than to develop funny tag lines. No reason to be sad, the soap spitters are ingenious!!!


I like that! At least you have a reason to sulk and eat cupcakes. Yum!

Sherry Williamson

Well I will sulk with you, because I would love a good excuse to eat some cupcakes!

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