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July 05, 2010



These paintings fascinate me!


Lovin the owl! I have an affinity for aqua. I had paint custom tinted to paint my studio in a shade of vintage aqua. It's happy-making.

Your owl would fit right in here! :)


You are being super-creative! i am just loving your paintings. This one is just super! Love how his feet are kind of bicycle-wheels :-) you can tell biking is on your mind :-) Have you considered making a clock in this style? Is that possible?


Absolutely gorgeous!! I love this one. You really inspire me to drag out my canvas's and layer like a maniac!!


Interesting technique, Michelle. Some of the earlier stages are as great as the final product! Maybe you should work on 5 at a time, like the old artists did, and stop in the process in some, varied. I like Stage 2 as much as the final product. Your creative mind just ain't stoppin'...


aqua, pink and owls~can't go wrong with that combo! great painting!


this is my favorite!!!! Wow...will you be selling prints? cause I think my studio needs this hoot! xo


So beautiful!

meg duerksen

michelle?!! this is so great too!
i love the colors.
i think you could paint anything in these colors and i would love them!

Kimberly Kelly Santini

Michelle, where do you sell your paintings? I'd love to learn more about them - I really really love this guy......


Fantastic painting and as far as the girls and cycling... you can't live in fear so walk or ride as you so artly put it... in WISDOM... and teach the girls well... and see where its wisdom's wheels will take you!


Great title & fab painting... love this new direction of crazy layering;)


you are on fire! what a beaut!

p.s. you've put me on the hunt for a library cart!

nursing cover

lovely art! this is awesome! love to visit your site everyday, it makes my day. yay! :D


oh wow, i can not get over how lUCKY I feel that I found this blog. These paintings fascinate me. I can not even fathom how you go from what is seemingly random colors on a canvas to a finished beautiful piece. Do you know what you are going to create ahead of time? I love it so much.


Your work is so beautiful I'm speechless! I just love this style you are doing. Gorgeous!


When I showed your canvas to my husband this is what he said, "nice! Looks like there is less chance that the Chinese will copy this too." So funny...


I love this owl!!


Hi, I just found your blog a few days ago and I love it! You looked familiar and then when I read about you going to artfest, I was like oh yeah! You were in my class with Nina for the cigar boxes. I was also there the year before for my first time too. I see you are teaching this year - how exciting! I can't wait to see the classes. Not sure if I can go this year..:( daughter in college- but I can dream.
ps - you are correct in thinking the time goes faster once they hit high school! whoooooosh and then she's gone.
Love all your new paintings and you are making me itch to paint.


Amazing, thats awesome!!!


Beautiful!! I love all the layering of the paint. you have inspired me <3


That is awesome. Your very creative !!!
Can't stop looking at them & keep going back to them
You've really inspired me


Can I buy? Please? Obsessed with owls!

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